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The Female Teen Idol Shock and Awe

18 Nov

By Sunnie Elliot

Why do some female teen idols manage to get stuck in the role that made them famous? Why do some female teen idols escape being typecast? Could it be due to “shock and awe?”

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“The Oscar goes to?”

17 Nov

By: Sunnie Elliot

With a few months to go, Hollywood is beginning to make predictions on who will win next years Oscars. However, instead of writing about who will win next years Oscars. Why don’t we focus on what studio will produce next years Oscar winning screenplay? Continue reading

The Business of Leading Men in Hollywood

15 Nov

By: Lurker

How do you recall the leading men in Hollywood? Is it the blockbuster Hollywood movies? Most people if asked would answer the same way, the leading character or “the face”.  However, many leading men have become memorable due to starring roles in franchise movies. The concept of the Hollywood franchise really took hold with James Bond which today is still #2 top grossing franchise worldwide. Hollywood experimented with other franchises like The Godfather Trilogy in the 70’s to wild success. Star Wars and Rocky started in the late 70’s and of course all of these are still iconic. It seems that the faces of the lead characters in all these franchises are what we recall instantly and without hesitation and they were all lead by men. The faces in the top 30 franchises are a list of who’s who with the box office sales all in the +$1 bill. The actors that the top franchise list includes some young new faces like Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson, Shia LeBeouf and Toby McGuire. Along side those who we know by just the mention of their names like Arnold, Stallone, Johnny, Cruise.

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Rob and Kristen: After The Saga Ends

14 Nov

By: Parisienne

There is a difference in acting styles and professionalism between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.  Rob was involved in amateur theater at the Barnes Theater Company; his role in Tess of D’auberville, got him noticed by a professional in the industry and after that he started looking for professional roles.

Kristen’s family was already in the business and she began her acting career at the age of eight after an agent saw her in a school Christmas play.  To my knowledge she has never had any formal training in acting.  Continue reading

Feminist Perspective on Leading Men in Hollywood

13 Nov

By Open Book

It can be said that women and men in film represent an exaggerated example of gender roles in society. Gender roles vary. Ultimately, men and women behavior is influenced by the cultural expectations of the social environment they live in.

America is the most progressive in influencing new gender roles in today’s society. The film and television industry gives us a visual example of what our society can potentially look like. The United States in the last decade has gone through a lot of turmoil regarding traditional gender roles in the home, workplace and in school. To settle the conflict, traditional gender roles in America were reevaluated and revised. Continue reading