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MGM Studio exits Bankruptcy

4 Jan

By Lurker

In late December 2010, MGM studios completed bankruptcy proceedings and are now moving forward with a restructuring plan led by the co-CEO’s from Spyglass, Barber and Birnbaum.  MGM has seen some employee attrition and also laid off 50 employees.

There is some speculation on which movies MGM will fund, given that they are in a 50/50 deal with WB for “The Hobbit” and Bond 23.

Additionally, Lionsgate is still pursuing legal action against Carl Ichan in his failed take over bid from late October.  Ichan is still a major shareholder in both studios having participated in the MGM pre-packaged bankruptcy process.

I’m sure we will hear more as the legal court drama unfolds!


Inside the Mind of a Character

3 Jan

By: Parisienne

Ever wonder what it takes to play Edward or Bella onscreen?  Besides good looks and talent, or lack thereof, is not sufficient enough. Actors will do a character breakdown.  A character breakdown assists the actor in understanding their respective characters and their relationships to each other.  They have to “become” the character.  I have seen interviews where Robert Pattinson is asked about his character Edward and he says “I/Me” meaning in the character of Edward he would do certain things, not Robert himself.

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R-rated Films: A Risky Business!!

29 Dec

By: Open Book

A number of films this year received an R rating due to graphic content.  Here are ten of the most highly anticipated or critically acclaimed films this year.

1. Black Swan
2. The Kings Speech
3. 127 Hours
4. Blue Valentine
5. Welcome to the Rileys
6. Love & Other Drugs
7. The Town
8. Shutter Island
9. Expendables
10. Due Date


Why did the above films receive an R rating?

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The Hollywood Faux-Mance!! Is this a Good Thing?

22 Dec

By: Open Book

It is no big secret Hollywood is in the business of creating fake relationships between celebrities. Better known as “ the faux or show-mance” today! The three most common reasons for creating these fantastic couplings is to promote a film, generate press or cover up a celebrity’s sexual identity. It can be said that if a celebrity is suspected of being in a so-called “faux-mance” people are likely to conclude the following. One or both are homosexual, they are desperate for publicity or they are guilty of trying to boost box office numbers for an upcoming film. Either way, to see a celebrity coupling today, public opinion automatically assumes one of these three things. Is this a good thing? Continue reading

Robert Pattinson’s next movie?

20 Dec

By: Lurker

I took a trip to the movie theatre this weekend, ideally with the intent of seeing TRON. However, I found myself scoping out the lobby and the audience in the screening room. To that end, it’s interesting to notice the majority of filmgoers were male.  After arriving home, I checked out the preliminary box office numbers this weekend. Yet again, another romantic comedy hasn’t garnered much box office draw even with a huge star cast (How do you know?). Although this was one recent trip I had to ask myself what parts should Rob look for next? Continue reading