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January Articles

24 Jul

This is an open post for articles written in January.  Enjoy and I look forward to having engaging conversations!

A Dirty Game Played: Inside Celebrity Blackmail

17 Jan

Fans think celebrities have everything and maybe they do.  Everything that makes them a potential target for extortion and blackmail.  Click here for legal definitions.

For celebrities, the cost of preserving  one’s image and privacy is worth giving in to the blackmailer’s demands.

Many celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton and Bill Cosby have been victims of blackmail.  Other victims have included politicians and athletes.

According to celebrity publicist, Michael Levine, the problem has worsened over the last ten years due to the internet which allows for the immediate transfers of photos, videos and texts.  The issue has also worsened because of the insatiable public and media appetite for their “Hollywood Obsessions”.

The public rarely hears about these blackmail situations because of copycatting possibilities and also bringing it to the forefront would draw out information the victim does not want to be made public.

In the end, it may be in the best interest of the victim to beat the blackmailer to the punch.  Everyone makes mistakes.  We’re all human.  Lives go on.  Sometimes its better to tell the truth in any way that is possible then to  continue to live with lies.

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Be The Change You Want To See

4 Jan

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!

To spice things up a bit we would like YOU to give us some of your thoughts on Hollywood and what you would like to see changed or anything you’ve wondered about the processes of the business that is Hollywood.

Articles will be written by me with conversation to follow.  Challenge me.  I like it.



Chopper Down: Does Journalistic Integrity Exists In Today’s Media?

5 Feb

Recently, Brian Williams an anchor for NBC News, apologized on air for lying about being in a helicopter that was forced down after being shot at in Iraq during a 2003 assignment.

I came across an appearance that Brian made on David Lettermen in 2014.  He talks about Chris Christie, the bridge shutting down, perjury and Bridget Ann Kelly.

Viewing this appearance, how does this affect Brian’s situation and what are some positive ways that all media personnel can proceed to make journalistic integrity trustworthy again?

Je Suis Charlie: Is Our Right To Freedom Of Press Suppressed?

7 Jan

Recently, 3 gunmen slayed 12 people in a terrorist attack at the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper in Paris, France.  The attacks were carried out in retaliation for a cartoon that satirized the militant leader of the Islamic State.  Charlie Hebdo was also bombed in 2011 in retaliation for a satirization of the Prophet Muhammed.


It seems that Islam gets a “bad rep” as a religion due to the actions of extremists in the name of Allah even though those actions appear politically motivated.  What are some positive action steps that could be taken if Muslims wanted to show the peaceful side of their beliefs?


What are some positive, peaceful actions that we as a society can show each other in order to maintain our freedom of press?