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From Sketch to Screen: The Costume Designer Part-2

31 Oct

2nd. Article in our 5 Week Series “Effective People Rarely Seen in the Spotlight”

No other costume designer in history is as well-known as Edith Head. The legendary costume designer won eight Academy Awards for her work outfitting Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, and Olivia de Havilland. Google a few days ago boosts the late Oscar winner’s popularity by making her, and her iconic designs, the search engine’s homepage in celebration of what would have been Head’s 116th birthday. The eccentric fashion designer Edna Mode who outfits the superheroes in Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles was modeled after her.[1]

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From Sketch to Screen: The Costume Designer-Part 1

24 Oct

1st Article in our 5 Week Series “Effective People Rarely Seen in the Spotlight”

Audiences could name the costume in a film before they could name the Costume Designer responsible for designing it. This isn’t a big shock given many Costume Designer avoid the spotlight (as ironic as it sounds) the majority of their work is not vanity driven.  In Part-1 of this article, we will discuss what Costume Designer do, why they are rarely seen in the spotlight and Part-2 will focus on how their role has evolved since the days of Edith Head.

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Comic Laughs: Are Black Women Ready For Comedy?

21 Oct

Kenan Thompson thinks that black female comedians are not funny enough for SNL according to an interview he did for TV Guide.

The actress that he says he would like to see on the show is Darmirra Brunson.

Which Black comediennes would you like to see on the show and do you think Thompson is justified in his answer that black comediennes are never ready?

(Un) constituting “the United States of Tara”

12 Sep

4th article in our series on Hollywood & Mental Health

Finished after it’s third season for episodic television, Diablo Cody’s and Showtime’s “The United States of Tara” (or UST) had it’s charms if one could tolerate the fair amount of predictability necessary to sustain the central premise of this comedic drama.  Was that show a formulaic comedy? No, it was not.  Yet Cody, at the end of the first season, informs us how the series dramatic challenges will derive, how the series dramatic challenges will be stated and how the series dramatic challenges would be resolved at the end of each episode.  This may not hinder many fans especially if they are committed the consuming the exploits of the central cast.  Despite an intriguing run the numbers weren’t there at cancellation.    Continue reading

LIH Editorial: Great Gatsby’s Great VFX Reel

30 Jun

As the US prepares for 4th of July fireworks this week, LIH wanted to suggest swinging by your local theater to check out The Great Gatsby to see some great visual effects (VFX) and fireworks. It will blow you away. Also, if you are wondering who’s responsible for The Great Gatsby’s VFX check out the “before and after” reel by VFX supervisor Chris Godfrey. Click here. Enjoy!

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