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LIH Editorial 8/19-8/25

18 Aug

The end of summer is upon us and soon school will resume.  There will be end of summer BBQs and last minute school supply runs to your nearest Target, Staples, or Office Max.  In honor of these last summer days, LIH would like to share with you some oldies but goodies. Continue reading

2011 Summer Documentaries

1 Jun

By Open Book

There are so many great documentaries released each year but many go unnoticed by movie going audiences. So we thought we do a quick overview of some interesting documentaries coming out this summer.

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X-MEN: First Class – Gambles with Fan Loyalties

25 May

Guest Author- Comic Relief

Differently than some other comic book cinema articles written for this site, the X-Men franchise definitely have a feature film history most can remember. Because of this choosing the best vantage point to discuss the upcoming film can be difficult to define regarding what’s at stake with this movie and franchise.  Also what perspective best describes the challenges defined by this film? Should a studio’s perspective of the film or the fan or specifically the fan boy or girl’s perspective be used?  Since this site attempts to empower consumers a perspective that uses a combination of both perspectives will probably be best.

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Are you looking for some Drama this Summer?

11 May

By: Parisienne

With all the action films being released this summer there are some excellent dramas that will premiere as well.  Most of the dramas we selected have quite an interesting premise that stands out among the rest. The films that follow will be released nationwide.[1]

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Breaking Asian Films Into the Mainstream

4 May

By Ozzie

After seeing 13 Assassins on our New Movie Hot Seat poll, this foreign film appeared as though it could be a summer hit. What could be the key to achieving that success? After taking a closer look. It turns out it was produced by Toshiaki Nakazawa, who won an Oscar for best foreign film (Departures 2009) and Jeremy Thomas who has a talent for breaking Asian films into the mainstream market. The Last Emperor, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence are just two of his well know break throughs. Also, it stars Koji Yakusho, who was in Silk (2007), Babel (2006) and perhaps his best-known role in the Western world, Nobu in Memoirs of a Geisha (2005). That’s a pretty good start! So what is the movie about?

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