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Resisting Self-Gratification? A 2013 Comic Book Movie Preview

4 Mar

An odd thing about watching some of Hollywood genres where male psychology figure prominently, is you get to witness many of the very worst contemporary male faults. Strangely, attributions like “Does not play well with others,” is almost a call to arms for many of our contemporary brethren.  Self-gratification is defined as the “the act of giving oneself pleasure or of satisfying one’s own desires [1].” But why is this bad, because many adults agree that civil social interaction actually requires a degree of willful collaboration, sympathetic sharing, and mutual respect and possibly some selflessness?  So the question has to be asked what can be done about this trend?  First I would say stop the Hollywood promotion of these anti-social attributes and stop it while things are still (relatively) manageable.  Raging self-absorbed testosterone of the past, (sometime defined as narcissism) led to some of our worst historical incidents.  No, this trend in entertainment isn’t new but it’s a sad turn of affairs just the same.  As in the past, what can start as conventional dramatic presentation can become a kind of social etiquette for the easily influenced.

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Moviegoers Rise-Up Against Fear!

23 Jul

As the country continues to mourn, heal and pray for the fallen citizens of Aurora, Colorado after Friday’s midnight massacre, which caused moviegoers to think twice about America’s favorite pastime. In this article we will look into how audiences are conquering their fear of going to the movies.

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Batman: The Bellwether of Super Hero Films

10 Jul

Opening July 20th, 2012, you may recognize that the The Dark Knight Rises is the last in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Batman films.  Now almost a Hollywood tradition, I would like to underline a few attributes you may be overlooking.  The first major out crop of super hero films began in the 1930’s.  If you thought otherwise, do not feel bad (in most online articles) this is one way these movies are frequently described:

Here’s a rundown of what the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled set will include… [1]”

After all with Marvel Entertainment calling The Avengers the conclusion of phase one of their recent spate of movies (not including the 20th Century Fox Films) it would be easy to assume the super hero film phenomenon was new.  In fact it is not.

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Spiderman and the Once and Future Marvel Entertainment?

18 Jun

By Comic Relief

As witnessed on the web, when Andrew Garfield was cast in director Mark Web’s reboot of the Amazing Spiderman, many film enthusiasts breathed a sigh of relief. Without getting into the messy details that ended the previous Sam Rami/Toby Maguire helmed series, the doubts of comic fans were very high.  This is actor Andrew Garfield expressing his misgivings [1];  Continue reading


7 May

By Comic Relief

It would not be in LIH’s best interest to supply spoiler filled appraisal of the Avengers movies.  Has this movie, cast and director found its audience? Please look at the box office numbers and recognize that the movie can’t stop breaking box office numbers? Does the movie live up to the hype? Below are 10 questions that everyone who still hasn’t seen the Avengers needs to know?  Every general effort was made to not spoil the film.

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