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An Animation World Reception for Film Noir

10 Jan

3rd article in our 4 week series on Film Noir

When it was decided that LIH would try to honor this genre with a series, it was hard to ignore how the animated world has attempted to celebrate this largely historical cultural phenomena.  Predictably those on the art and design side of the filmmaking world would be some of the most dedicated to this stylistic genre and the following animated films should illustrate this preoccupation thoroughly.  Yet to be honest these creators we’re also some of the most mature respondents to this film expression (or style) also.  O.K. lets be honest, normally when creative people get nostalgic about old trends, methods, or ideas it isn’t uncommon that the quality of work suffers.  Post modern or not, worshiping antiquated ways of looking at the world can be novel.  Why because we also appreciate it when artists try to look at the world with bold contemporary visions instead of looking at the world the way their grandparents did (no matter how innovative).

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Screenwriting: Video Game Adaptors for Feature Film

25 Nov

For (what I think is) the last in LIH’s series on “Effective (Hollywood) People Rarely Seen the Spotlight’, this article will focus on “Video Game Adaptors for Feature Film” as a I.O.U. for an article on silver screen driven dehumanization themes.

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Cartoon and Animation’s Industry Antagonisms

13 Aug

With box office watchers and animation fans pleased at this summer’s returns, most  cartoon and animation cinephile’s probably feel comfortable to turn their attention to other non-animation films.  For them these events might be a symbol of market success:

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Screen Writing for Receipts and Other Hot Messes

17 Jun

By Comic Relief

If you saw “Man of Steel” last weekend and propelled the movie to the largest June opening gross in film history ($20.3 million)[1] you participated in some fairly significant history.  Polarizing as many (but not all found it), it seems you can only believe one or two things about the quality of the movie.  This article will discuss a growing trend in DC/Warner Brothers development that I’m hoping will not be continued in future films.

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Traditional Animation versus Pixar: A Tale of Competing Priorities

27 Mar

4th article in our 5 week series on Disney!

As much as it would be nice to discuss how wonderful Disney animation has been (for most of its almost 90 year history) one has to recognize how market forces have challenged their animation enterprise.   A creative juggernaut of the highest caliber, Disney is also a business that has to profit to sustain its production.  Gratifying audiences with warm and elegant animation, if not pioneering the finest animation, Disney has taken many advanced animation development techniques to great heights.  We know their 2 dimensional hand-drawn classics from our childhood favorites.  Yet we also appreciate the digital wizardry of their current 3 dimensional works also. Though we appreciate Disney’s association with Pixar we have to wonder whether a conflict of sorts is brewing.  This article will attempt to illustrate the collision (and sometimes hostility) that is sometimes provoked internally by challenging economic forces, contemporary appetites, and competing priorities at the Cineplex’s.

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