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2013 Film Product Placement Award Predictions

24 Sep

Since 2001, Brandchannel follows product placement and brand appearances in film that spent a weekend at the top of the U.S. box office. Each year, the product placement Brandcameo awards the best and the worst product placement in a film. In this article we will take a look at the award winning categories and see what 2013 films might be in competition for this award.

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Edutainment Solutions for Real World Problems

2 Sep

We understand that education can be good for us; yet, we don’t always see the value of entertainment.  We assume on some occasions it will keep our attention, sometimes make us think, yet so many other times we primarily hope it will just help us relax.  As much as we may appreciate any of these outcomes many are using entertainment to tackle real world problems.  Yes, supposedly mindless entertainment can have some useful effects but for some reason we believe entertainment will be even more constructive when it is used in an educational setting.  Not a new word, the definition of a “mash-up” of the two words edutainment is defined as:

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LIH Editorial: 5/18-5/25-Best Film Festivals for Independent Films

19 May

Everyone knows about the Cannes Film Festival but what are the other major festivals for Independent filmmakers?

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One Man’s Dream: The Happiest Place On Earth

3 Apr

Last article in our 5 week series on Disney!

Everyone has a dream.  One man’s dream would one day be the source of countless hours of fun, excitement and togetherness for many families and people of all ages.  Walt Disney would take his daughters to Griffith Park in Los Feliz to ride the merry-go-round he would sit on the bench watching them ride, he dreamed of a place where parents and children could play together.(1)(2)

Walt Disney couldn’t convince the financiers to give him money because “they wouldn’t buy a dream” so he turned to television for financial support and shared his plans with the public.  The series was called Walt Disney’s Disneyland and helped bring the reality of Disneyland to fruition.

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Should Oz Be Disney’s Next Theme Park Ride?

18 Mar

1st. article in our 5 week series on Disney

Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful came in #1 at the box office for a second week in a row. So far its earned 282 mill worldwide.[1] Should Oz be the next theme park ride for Disney?

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