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Chopper Down: Does Journalistic Integrity Exists In Today’s Media?

5 Feb

Recently, Brian Williams an anchor for NBC News, apologized on air for lying about being in a helicopter that was forced down after being shot at in Iraq during a 2003 assignment.

I came across an appearance that Brian made on David Lettermen in 2014.  He talks about Chris Christie, the bridge shutting down, perjury and Bridget Ann Kelly.

Viewing this appearance, how does this affect Brian’s situation and what are some positive ways that all media personnel can proceed to make journalistic integrity trustworthy again?

LIH EDITORIAL: Diversity in Hollywood It’s ABOUT TIME!

18 Mar

After the high ratings of this years Oscar’s. It’s clear audiences are hungry for diverse content and LIH is none to happy to celebrate!!!!! This week The Writers Guild Awards (WGAW) announced the winners of their TV diversity program for screenwriters (A.K.A.) the Writer Access Project. Below are this years 15 honorees and a little more about the program which began in 2009. But before we get to that. LIH would like to congratulate this years winners. Enjoy!

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Film Noir- Past & Present

11 Dec

1st article in our series on Film Noir

Unless you are a Cinematographer, Director, Editor or Screenwriter etc… the term Film Noir is often misunderstood by many (me included) as a genre. It was not until watching Christopher Nolan’s (non-linear storytelling film) Memento that I learned how influenced he was by Noir’s style.  In this article we will explore the origins and style of Film Noir plus, look into how it’s evolved today.

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What’s in Store for Mr. Selfridge Wardrobe in Season 2?

2 Dec

PBS Mr. Selfridge is set to make its second season debut next year. The series is currently filming in the UK, and will pick up in 1914, which will mark the store’s fifth anniversary.  But just like Downton Abbey, the time frame means that the characters (and the business) are all about to be greatly affected by the impending world war.[1] Aside from the great characters and story, costume designer James Keast, is excellent at defining for audiences, characters social class and aspirations through wardrobe. One of the most fun and interesting character transformations to watch is character Agnes Towler portrayed by Aisling Loftus.  Keast demonstrates the characters cleverness and creativity with colorful accessories as she climbs the corporate ladder.

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Carrie Returns!

2 Oct

October 18, 2013, another version of Stephen King’s classic Carrie will be making it’s film debut.  This version stars Julianne Moore and Chloe Moretz.  Having recently read the book and seen the 1976 film (PTSS book/movie review), I am somewhat interested in seeing how this version compares to the book and original film.   Continue reading