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Are Fans Being Exploited to Finance Films in Hollywood?

27 May

Actor Zach Braff from the popular television series Scrubs recently launched a crowd funding campaign for his independent film Wish I Was Here a follow up to the film he wrote, directed and starred in Garden State. Garden State was a critical success and did well at the box office. The production budget was 2.5 million and earned close to 36 million at the box office. However, for Wish I Were Here Braff decided to raise additional funds through Kickstarter a place where anyone can launch a project and raise money be it filmmakers, musicians, artist and designers. It allows creators to have complete control over their project a problem many creators lose through traditional financing methods. However, some have criticized Braff for exploiting fans and this new financing method. In this article we will explore if these complaints are valid, traditional and new financing methods that allow fans to support films they want to see.

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More Power To The Women: Emerging Women Writers In Hollywood

22 Apr

Women in film are often seen as one dimensional and they are often put on a pedestal.  Rashida Jones, Zoe Kazan and Brit Marling decided to change that image and write films themselves.  They have shown Hollywood and other women that if one wants to change something, start with yourself. Click here to read more.

One Man’s Dream: The Happiest Place On Earth

3 Apr

Last article in our 5 week series on Disney!

Everyone has a dream.  One man’s dream would one day be the source of countless hours of fun, excitement and togetherness for many families and people of all ages.  Walt Disney would take his daughters to Griffith Park in Los Feliz to ride the merry-go-round he would sit on the bench watching them ride, he dreamed of a place where parents and children could play together.(1)(2)

Walt Disney couldn’t convince the financiers to give him money because “they wouldn’t buy a dream” so he turned to television for financial support and shared his plans with the public.  The series was called Walt Disney’s Disneyland and helped bring the reality of Disneyland to fruition.

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Traditional Animation versus Pixar: A Tale of Competing Priorities

27 Mar

4th article in our 5 week series on Disney!

As much as it would be nice to discuss how wonderful Disney animation has been (for most of its almost 90 year history) one has to recognize how market forces have challenged their animation enterprise.   A creative juggernaut of the highest caliber, Disney is also a business that has to profit to sustain its production.  Gratifying audiences with warm and elegant animation, if not pioneering the finest animation, Disney has taken many advanced animation development techniques to great heights.  We know their 2 dimensional hand-drawn classics from our childhood favorites.  Yet we also appreciate the digital wizardry of their current 3 dimensional works also. Though we appreciate Disney’s association with Pixar we have to wonder whether a conflict of sorts is brewing.  This article will attempt to illustrate the collision (and sometimes hostility) that is sometimes provoked internally by challenging economic forces, contemporary appetites, and competing priorities at the Cineplex’s.

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The Life of Walt Disney

13 Mar

2nd. article in our 5 week series on Disney

Walt Elias Disney was born on the 5th of December 1901 in Chicago. He moved to Marceline, Missouri and lived on a farm where he developed a passion for drawing. In 1911 he became friends with Walter Pfeiffer who introduced him to the theatre world. He was inspired to start taking art classes in Kansas City.

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