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LIH: 2014 Christian Film Reviews

2 May

To conclude our series on spiritually based films in Hollywood. We thought it only fitting to do our consumer review on Christian Films released in theaters this year. To do a unbiased review and comparison we will review two films that were not favorites among film critics but were hits at the box office. Then look at the one Christian film critics seem to favor but did not fare well at the box office. So without further ado……..  Continue reading

LIH EDITORIAL: Diversity in Hollywood It’s ABOUT TIME!

18 Mar

After the high ratings of this years Oscar’s. It’s clear audiences are hungry for diverse content and LIH is none to happy to celebrate!!!!! This week The Writers Guild Awards (WGAW) announced the winners of their TV diversity program for screenwriters (A.K.A.) the Writer Access Project. Below are this years 15 honorees and a little more about the program which began in 2009. But before we get to that. LIH would like to congratulate this years winners. Enjoy!

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A Tribute to Oscar: How Good & Bad Film Adaptations Occur?

27 Feb

As Hollywood prepare for the 2014 Academy Awards we thought we pay tribute to film adaptations. Why? Because each month we review upcoming film adaptation’s with our sister site Page to Silver Screen to try and understand how good and bad film adaptations occur. Yes! The biggest fear for a fan is their favorite book will turn into shallow pulp once in film. However, it can be said not all of film adaptations are all bad.  To prove this theory our LIH Staff has selected their favorite film adaptations to see what made them so good. We hope you enjoy!

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LIH Editorial: A Tribute to Hollywood Alumni

16 Feb

This last week has been a sad one for Hollywood. While it geared up for the BAFTA’s, the last of the major award ceremonies before the Oscars, three of their alumni passed away. Here we’ll take a brief look at their work.

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Hollywood and Her Addictions

3 Feb

Yesterday, we learned the sad news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death.  From what news reports state, it was from an overdose of heroin.  Unfortunately he is not the last in the Hollywood scene that will succumb to this devastating addiction.  Continue reading