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13 Feb

If you loved The Bronze Horseman trilogy by Paullina Simons than you might have done one of the following after completing it. 1. Read the trilogy several more times.  2.  Read only the parts you loved several times. 3. Looked for books similar to The Bronze Horseman. Or 4. Did all of the above. Hahaha! Regardless, the fact is, you are hooked on historical fiction. In this article we will discuss what is historical fiction. What makes The Bronze Horseman so addictive? Plus discuss a couple of author’s similar to Paullina Simons.  Continue reading

What’s in Store for Mr. Selfridge Wardrobe in Season 2?

2 Dec

PBS Mr. Selfridge is set to make its second season debut next year. The series is currently filming in the UK, and will pick up in 1914, which will mark the store’s fifth anniversary.  But just like Downton Abbey, the time frame means that the characters (and the business) are all about to be greatly affected by the impending world war.[1] Aside from the great characters and story, costume designer James Keast, is excellent at defining for audiences, characters social class and aspirations through wardrobe. One of the most fun and interesting character transformations to watch is character Agnes Towler portrayed by Aisling Loftus.  Keast demonstrates the characters cleverness and creativity with colorful accessories as she climbs the corporate ladder.

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From Sketch to Screen: The Costume Designer Part-2

31 Oct

2nd. Article in our 5 Week Series “Effective People Rarely Seen in the Spotlight”

No other costume designer in history is as well-known as Edith Head. The legendary costume designer won eight Academy Awards for her work outfitting Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, and Olivia de Havilland. Google a few days ago boosts the late Oscar winner’s popularity by making her, and her iconic designs, the search engine’s homepage in celebration of what would have been Head’s 116th birthday. The eccentric fashion designer Edna Mode who outfits the superheroes in Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles was modeled after her.[1]

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From Sketch to Screen: The Costume Designer-Part 1

24 Oct

1st Article in our 5 Week Series “Effective People Rarely Seen in the Spotlight”

Audiences could name the costume in a film before they could name the Costume Designer responsible for designing it. This isn’t a big shock given many Costume Designer avoid the spotlight (as ironic as it sounds) the majority of their work is not vanity driven.  In Part-1 of this article, we will discuss what Costume Designer do, why they are rarely seen in the spotlight and Part-2 will focus on how their role has evolved since the days of Edith Head.

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Best Bad Guy Quotes of the Last Decade

16 Oct

Is it really true bad guys always get the best lines? To test this theory we checked out some pretty bad guys dialogue of the last decade to see how resolute their words are. Enjoy!

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