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Netflix: Original Content is Here to Stay!

21 Jul

We’ve discussed on LIH our love and support for original content and with the popularity of Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” it’s clear audiences have embraced this new form. How about Netflix’s competitors Amazon and Hulu (who spent billions of dollars on original content) how well are they doing?

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The Rover: The Truth is Never Sexy! Part-1

1 Jul

After reading film critic reviews of The Rover (which were mixed) did not deter me from seeing this movie. Why? I’m convinced some film critics are adversarial toward anything progressive because it’s easy to appease audiences and bean counters who like formulas rather than those who don’t. But I digress, this film is very thought provoking and interactive. The director David Michôd respect audiences who can think for themselves. He gives audiences just enough insight without spelling out what the film is about. In other words it’s not for the “paint by numbers” crowd you might need to think or stay sober for at least 90 minutes. Continue reading

2014 Christian Films Box Office Results!

23 Apr

It looks like moviegoers spent their money on Christian Films this Easter. One of the Top 5 grossing films last weekend was Heaven’s For Real which came in third at the box office. Its budget was 12 million and so far it’s earned 32 million despite the bad reviews from film critics. Yet, one of the biggest hits with a budget of 2 million is God’s Not Dead  with an earning of 48 million at the box office. Noah was favored highly among film critics but how is it doing at the box office? In this article we will look at all the Christian films that came out this year and see how well they are doing at the box office. Enjoy!

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How Can a Film about Online Porn be Spiritually Uplifting?

28 Mar

1st. article in our series: “Spiritually Uplifting Films in Hollywood!”

It’s refreshing, to see a film that is forward thinking and spiritually uplifting these days. Recently, I had the pleasure of watching Don Jon (now out on video) although the trailer looks like a tribute to online porn. Don’t be fooled, the film is a smartly packaged romantic comedy (called the chic flick genre in Hollywood) and has started a debate that it may be a feminist film in disguise.

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What Did You Think of The 2014 Oscar’s?

4 Mar

Did you watch the Oscar’s this year? According to the Nielsen, the 2014 Academy Awards viewership had the best ratings since 2000. An 8% rise from last year. So what made audiences flock to watch this years Oscars? Was it the host, films and actors nominated?  Is diversity the answer?  I will say Ellen Degeneres made the show fun! Below are a few of my favorite moments.

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