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Nelson Mandela’s Life In Cinema

9 Dec

Last Thursday (5th December 2013) Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president who abolished apartheid in his country, died at the age of 95. To honor this great man we’ll take a brief look at the films and documentaries about is life. Continue reading

How Hollywood wrongly portray Post Traumatic Stress Disorders in films

4 Nov

The portrayal of Post-Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD) in films, much like our understanding of mental health and how we view it, has changed as medical knowledge grew and breakthroughs were made. What may seem like bad acting or barbaric treatment now, at the time they were made (or depiction of the time being portrayed) was the normality of the situation. Officially PTSD was acknowledged as a legitimate disorder in 1980 but it has been recorded for many millennia under different terms such as “Nostalgia” “Soldier’s Heart” “Shell Shocked” and “Battle Fatigue”.  [1] The majority of PTSD films center around the horrors of war and its aftermath, more recently it has been found that it covers a wider range of traumatic events such as car crashes, terrorist attacks, physical abuse, injuries or witnessing a violent death. So more films are now being made which include these PTSD events in their plots.

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The Decline of European Cinema

18 Jul

2nd article in our series on Film Industry Implosion.

With the world recession going on, it’s forced us all to tighten our purse strings. No country has been safe and it’s hit all areas of commerce. Even though the film industry brings in billions of dollars, Hollywood has had many loses too. Most notable are MGM’s woes. However many smaller studios have come and gone with little to no news. It’s the same with European studios and other foreign markets, even within their own countries. Hollywood dominates while films made in the respective country lag behind.

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Up & Coming Bio-Pics

8 Jul

Following on from last week’s must see biopics, we thought it would be interesting to look at the soon to be release biographical feature films. Although a lot of these films are limited release they may be released wider nearer to awards season or if they prove to be popular or money makers!

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James Gandolfini 1961 – 2013

24 Jun

Last Thursday the world found out about the premature death of James Gandolfini. He died of a heart attack last Wednesday in Rome at the age of 51. James was on a short family vacation, travelling around Italy before he had to set off to attend The Taormina Film Festival in Scilly. On the 22nd he was to take part in a discussion about Italian-American views on cinema and was also set to receive the Taormina City Prize. Unfortunately, that was never to be. [1] In this article we’ll be taking a brief look at James’ life and his work.

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