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Battle for the box office

9 Feb

By Lurker

Due to the recent flurry of articles published on the Internet regarding British actors taking roles in the U.S., we decided to take a look at the box office numbers for the domestic U.S. and compare those with the international numbers.  Reviewing box office sales, a declining trend is prevalent in U.S. numbers beginning in 2003 [1]. It’s been a slow trending decline for ticket sales averaging a year over year loss of 2%, for a total of 16% loss in 8 years.   In looking at recent Hollywood trends, we have discussed here a number of tactics that Hollywood is trying to employ to stave off the box office decline, which includes cheaper productions including actors from all over the globe.  However, when looking for trends and comparisons patterns emerged as we looked over top movies for a three-year period 2008-2010. The numbers were quite intriguing and set off some interesting side research to see if the trends prevailed! The numbers suggest international box office trends for genres and subject matter vary in some degree from the U.S. box office when analyzed in a side-by-side comparison. Let ‘s take a look … Continue reading

SAG Award Recipients

31 Jan

By Lurker

The 17th Annual Screen Actor’s Guild Awards were held last evening in Los Angeles. The King’s Speech is continuing to rack up awards heading for Oscar night!

The winners list includes the following:

Outstanding Movie Cast: The King’s Speech

Outstanding Movie Actor Male: Colin Firth The King’s Speech

Outstanding Movie Actor Female: Natalie Portman Black Swan

Outstanding Movie Actor Supporting Role Male: Christian Bale The Fighter

Outstanding Movie Actor Supporting Role Female: Melissa Leo The Fighter

Outstaning Stunt Ensemble Motion Picture: Inception


For the full list which includes the Television awards please see:

Cosmopolis Female Characters

27 Jan

by Lurker

Over the course of the novel Cosmopolis, we encounter many female characters that are crucial to the story and in the interactions with the novel’s main character Eric Packer.  Watching female actors discuss what it takes to be successful in Hollywood, we often hear there is a lack of really good female parts.[1] In reading this story, there are 5 characters, which provide significant influence over Eric Packer and are all female. Sometimes there are attempts by fans to influence particular actors for parts in movies. We want to take a different approach and discuss these characters in an arch of what they embody and visually what they need to project in order to be successful in delivery of the character.  Continue reading

Oscar Nominations Revealed

25 Jan

By Lurker

For those of you who didn’t see the live event here’s a brief summary of the nominations from the Academy this year. The King’s Speech leads with 12 nominations and is definitely a fantastic movie! True Grit from Joel & Ethan Cohen has 10 nominations followed by the Social Network and Inception with 8 each.  Here’s the full list!  Continue reading

Cosmopolis Trading Explained

23 Jan

By Lurker

In the novel Cosmopolis by Don DeLillo, the main character Eric Packer is a whiz at currency trading. Currency trading is fairly unknown to the average consumer and perusing book commentary most readers are confused by the jargon referenced in the story. However, reading the story as someone who has some knowledge of the currency markets and trading, there are some clues dropped in by the author. These clues provide us insight into the specific type of currency trading that lead the Eric Packer’s downfall.  This article is an attempt to provide readers the basics of the financial back story. Hopefully enabling the reader a view into the mindset of the character Eric Packer. Let’s begin with the basics of the New York Stock exchange and trading stock. We will then relate those concepts to trading currency. Lastly, illustrating these concepts using specific lines from the novel. Continue reading