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Je Suis Charlie: Is Our Right To Freedom Of Press Suppressed?

7 Jan

Recently, 3 gunmen slayed 12 people in a terrorist attack at the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper in Paris, France.  The attacks were carried out in retaliation for a cartoon that satirized the militant leader of the Islamic State.  Charlie Hebdo was also bombed in 2011 in retaliation for a satirization of the Prophet Muhammed.


It seems that Islam gets a “bad rep” as a religion due to the actions of extremists in the name of Allah even though those actions appear politically motivated.  What are some positive action steps that could be taken if Muslims wanted to show the peaceful side of their beliefs?


What are some positive, peaceful actions that we as a society can show each other in order to maintain our freedom of press?



26 Dec

We all have greatness within us and our greatness shines through when our spirits are tested.  Louis Zamperini, is one man who under extraordinary circumstances showed remarkable greatness. Unbroken is based off the book written by Laura Hillenbrand and directed by Angelina Jolie.  It chronicles his childhood, his marathon in the Olympics and his war time service.  He passed away in 2014.

I viewed this film on Christmas Day and found it to be extremely moving but very long.


God’s Not Dead: A Must See Film

2 Apr

2nd article in our series: “Spiritually Uplifting Films in Hollywood!”

Recently I viewed the film God’s Not Dead. This film is amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline as well as the characters. At a point in the film, the audience began spontaneously clapping. I recommend this film to anyone. I left the theater feeling wonderful, the film actually made me feel good. I can’t explain it but it did. The scenarios in the film do seem a bit over dramatized but I think the actors gave very impressive performances.  The film is also loosely based on actual court cases about the first amendment.

Click Here to see Trailer

Yes, when I left the theater I did text a message to my contacts: God’s Not Dead.

Global Alliance For Transformational Entertainment

19 Feb

Through the years of Hollywood’s cinematic history  can you name one film that consciously transformed you in a positive manner?  For me, it is the film What Dreams May Come.

Would you as a film consumer be interested in a conscious positive shift in film making?

  • (GATE) is the pioneering and leading nonprofit organization shepherding the emerging and rapidly expanding Transformational Entertainment and Media genre and worldwide movement.”

Please view: (GATE) COMMUNITY

Comic Laughs: Are Black Women Ready For Comedy?

21 Oct

Kenan Thompson thinks that black female comedians are not funny enough for SNL according to an interview he did for TV Guide.

The actress that he says he would like to see on the show is Darmirra Brunson.

Which Black comediennes would you like to see on the show and do you think Thompson is justified in his answer that black comediennes are never ready?