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Screenwriting: Video Game Adaptors for Feature Film

25 Nov

For (what I think is) the last in LIH’s series on “Effective (Hollywood) People Rarely Seen the Spotlight’, this article will focus on “Video Game Adaptors for Feature Film” as a I.O.U. for an article on silver screen driven dehumanization themes.

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Videogame Film Adaptations

18 Nov

Two well-known actors Collin Ferrell (“Minority Report”, “Fright Night”, and “Total Recall”) and Michael Fassbinder (“A Dangerous Method,” “Shame”, and “Twenty Years a Slave”) recently announced their intentions to appear in two currently popular videogame inspired movies or adaptations.  Collin Ferrell will star in “World of Warcraft.” Michael Fassbinder will star in “Assassin’s Creed”.  Other films in development starring other leading actors include: “Splinter Cell (TBC)” starring Tom Hardy, The Need for Speed, starring Jason Aaron, etc. [1]

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“Thor: The Dark World” – Marvel’s CBM Crossroad

11 Nov

Thor: The Dark World, (or TTDW) is pleasing to most Comic book movie fan audiences. If you are keeping up with the CBM’s, you probably like Marvel entertainments crop of recent films. If you’re viewing is more incidental than committed then you may be solely be keeping up with general developments in contemporary action-adventure films. Marvel has a range of films characters and properties at other studios, and their main competition DC Comics hasn’t produced enough films to really stand out as a consistent challenger.  Still the recent “Dark Knight” trilogy and “Man of Steel” box office are raising expectations.  Making excellent use of CGI technology and production craft, clearly fan appreciation rivals the kind of fan reception that used to accompany Westerns in the mid 20th century.  If you think that means all things are rosy in comic book movie genre, despite some impressive consistencies in story telling, we want to encourage a more critical reception. Without venturing into spoiler territory, we will explore what we’re getting in these movies.

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(Un) constituting “the United States of Tara”

12 Sep

4th article in our series on Hollywood & Mental Health

Finished after it’s third season for episodic television, Diablo Cody’s and Showtime’s “The United States of Tara” (or UST) had it’s charms if one could tolerate the fair amount of predictability necessary to sustain the central premise of this comedic drama.  Was that show a formulaic comedy? No, it was not.  Yet Cody, at the end of the first season, informs us how the series dramatic challenges will derive, how the series dramatic challenges will be stated and how the series dramatic challenges would be resolved at the end of each episode.  This may not hinder many fans especially if they are committed the consuming the exploits of the central cast.  Despite an intriguing run the numbers weren’t there at cancellation.    Continue reading

Edutainment Solutions for Real World Problems

2 Sep

We understand that education can be good for us; yet, we don’t always see the value of entertainment.  We assume on some occasions it will keep our attention, sometimes make us think, yet so many other times we primarily hope it will just help us relax.  As much as we may appreciate any of these outcomes many are using entertainment to tackle real world problems.  Yes, supposedly mindless entertainment can have some useful effects but for some reason we believe entertainment will be even more constructive when it is used in an educational setting.  Not a new word, the definition of a “mash-up” of the two words edutainment is defined as:

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