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The Rover: The Truth is Never Sexy-Part-2

3 Jul

One of the most difficult challenges for artwork is; to be effective many times it needs to change our expectations of the reality around us. Sometimes art even needs to change our expectations of previous art. This can be a very difficult job. And let’s face it sometimes the audience does not make these goals easy. Audiences sometimes come to theaters expecting one experience when they need to be open to another.  Continue reading

Science Fiction with Spiritual Themes

9 Apr

3rd article in our series: “Spiritually Uplifting Films in Hollywood!”

A topic that is difficult for some, this article is committed to discussing “Science Fiction with Spiritual Themes.” If this premise doesn’t make you immediately react negatively you might finish this article pleased with what you read. If you did react negatively then maybe the rest of the audience should understand why you may feel this way?  Continue reading

The 'Hateful Eight' Leaked

28 Jan

If you are unfamiliar with this story you might find a tale which combines celebrity director woes, gossip media opportunism, and film content disrespect disturbing.

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An Animation World Reception for Film Noir

10 Jan

3rd article in our 4 week series on Film Noir

When it was decided that LIH would try to honor this genre with a series, it was hard to ignore how the animated world has attempted to celebrate this largely historical cultural phenomena.  Predictably those on the art and design side of the filmmaking world would be some of the most dedicated to this stylistic genre and the following animated films should illustrate this preoccupation thoroughly.  Yet to be honest these creators we’re also some of the most mature respondents to this film expression (or style) also.  O.K. lets be honest, normally when creative people get nostalgic about old trends, methods, or ideas it isn’t uncommon that the quality of work suffers.  Post modern or not, worshiping antiquated ways of looking at the world can be novel.  Why because we also appreciate it when artists try to look at the world with bold contemporary visions instead of looking at the world the way their grandparents did (no matter how innovative).

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Ring in 2014 with Pacific Rim DVD!

30 Dec

If you are planning to stay home and ring in the New Year here’s a DVD worth watching while waiting for the 2014 ball to drop. Pacific Rim (Two-Disc Special Edition DVD) retails for 8.99 on Amazon and customers give the DVD a 3.9 out of 5 stars.  In this article we will share our thoughts about the DVD and include reviews by other consumers, let’s get started!

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