LIH: 2014 Christian Film Reviews

2 May

To conclude our series on spiritually based films in Hollywood. We thought it only fitting to do our consumer review on Christian Films released in theaters this year. To do a unbiased review and comparison we will review two films that were not favorites among film critics but were hits at the box office. Then look at the one Christian film critics seem to favor but did not fare well at the box office. So without further ado…….. 

Noah: By Open Book

This big budget special effects film had all the trappings that would please film critics and tween moviegoers but not much else. The film was directed by Oscar Nominated Darren Aronofsky and was written by Aronofsky and Ari Handel. Yet, for all the critics who praised the film the story to me was overwhelmed by CGI. It failed to make me care for Noah or see his relationship with GOD as believable. Now I did like the PETA message in the film that would make vegans everywhere happy. However, the tribute to Transformer’s (that one of our regular readers of LIH, 4strings was so well to point out) was difficult to shake from my mind once I saw the fallen angels turned into stone golems that reminded me of The Lord of The Rings: Two Towers “Trees of Gondor” or Transformer’s, “Optimus Prime” characters. Then the surreal dreams sequences with florescent green snakes and heart beating apples made it difficult to distinguish dream from reality or see Noah as someone fit to lead an ant farm much less his family. I kept thinking why does his wife find him attractive? It would have been nice to see why they decided to partner up in contrast with his slow decent into madness after building the Ark, would have been more compelling to watch. After all the visual metaphors and CGI brain overload and multiple plots, I was glad to see the film come to an end, which was sad because I thought Russell Crow made a convincing  Noah.

God’s Not Dead: By Parisienne

Recently I viewed the film God’s Not Dead. This film is amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline as well as the characters. At a point in the film, the audience began spontaneously clapping. I recommend this film to anyone. I left the theater feeling wonderful, the film actually made me feel good. I can’t explain it but it did. The scenarios in the film do seem a bit over dramatized but I think the actors gave very impressive performances.  The film is also loosely based on actual court cases about the first amendment.

Click Here to see Trailer

Yes, when I left the theater I did text a message to my contacts: God’s Not Dead.


Heaven is For Real: By Littlebells

In conjunction with our sister site Page to Silver Screen and contributing writer here on LIH, Littlebells has read the book and seen the film. Heaven is For Real opened in theaters April 16, 2014. It is based on the book about a young 4 year old, Colton Burpo, who goes to Heaven while in surgery. He shares his experiences with his family and mentions many things he could not have known otherwise. The book and film have inspired and given hope to many. You can read our discussion of the book and film at PTSS. Please join us on PTSS this weekend for the discussion.


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