LIH EDITORIAL: Diversity in Hollywood It’s ABOUT TIME!

18 Mar

After the high ratings of this years Oscar’s. It’s clear audiences are hungry for diverse content and LIH is none to happy to celebrate!!!!! This week The Writers Guild Awards (WGAW) announced the winners of their TV diversity program for screenwriters (A.K.A.) the Writer Access Project. Below are this years 15 honorees and a little more about the program which began in 2009. But before we get to that. LIH would like to congratulate this years winners. Enjoy!


1.Gloria Calderon Kellett – Accidental Sluts
2. Geetika Lizardi – Sofa King
3/4. Cynthia Riddle & Peter Hunziker – Invisible
5. Sara Saedi – The Most F**ked Up Book Club Ever


6. Beth Armogida – Charlotte Tanner
7. Will Berson – Elsinore
8. Yule Caise – World Affairs
9. Lana Cho – Damaged
10. John Lau – The Business of Pleasure
11. Susan Gauthier – The Bitches of St. Brigid’s Hall
12. Adam Rodman – The Real Thing
13. Jared Romero – Repossessed
14. Deborah Swisher – Smart Girl
15. Marc Scott Zicree – Mad Men: Walking Distance

“The program first launched in 2009 aiming to help diversify TV writers rooms by highlighting writers with TV staffing experience and bring their scripts to the attention of industry figures. Eligible writers had to submit themselves in one of five categories: minority writers, writers with disabilities, women writers, 55-and-over writers, and gay and lesbian writers.” (to read more click here)


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