Ring in 2014 with Pacific Rim DVD!

30 Dec

If you are planning to stay home and ring in the New Year here’s a DVD worth watching while waiting for the 2014 ball to drop. Pacific Rim (Two-Disc Special Edition DVD) retails for 8.99 on Amazon and customers give the DVD a 3.9 out of 5 stars.  In this article we will share our thoughts about the DVD and include reviews by other consumers, let’s get started!

A blessing and a curse, while making sure we understand his artistic potential and how to situate Guillermo del Toro amongst his peers, the Director makes sure to name drop David Cronenberg, James Cameron, and Alfonso Cuarón.  However please hold for my expression some doubt regarding the name-dropping and predictive shoptalk.  For anyone who counts them selves a science fiction fan, the Pacific Rim DVD is a spectacular introduction to an artist will surely continue to surprise. As we might predict, he has great expectations for himself too. In his own words, del Toro shows us he is one of the first of Hollywood’s directorial wiz-kids to take the developing Pacific century seriously.  With genre, content, and a cast he is in no way hindered by race, ethnicity, national origin or gender.  In the meanwhile del Toro projects an congratulatory epitaph worthy of the finest cinematic tombstone. In terms of shoptalk the 2 disk DVD set; 1.) gives us a minor retrospective of his work, 2.) reminds us of his early beginnings as a special effects worker, 3.)  informs us of relevant side business ventures; and 4.)  even self-consciously hints at how even personal experience morbid obesity can a have profound positive impact on a film’s scope. Yet even a self-congratulatory collection of accolades can reveal blind spots that a titan of his stature might better conceal. 

We might understand that blockbuster forefathers like Steven Spielberg still use Tinsletown’s studio parking lots, but aren’t you expressing some intimidation by revealing you are currently bunking in Toronto.

  •  Other testosterone drama’s like “Top Gun” suggest the authors aren’t attracted to gender-bending scenarios; however many audiences members are not fooled by this slight of hand at all.
  •  And lastly side jabs at the previously mentioned forefather and Peter Jackson’s commitment to computer driven CGI, Mo-Cap, 3-D conversion, may actually define an interactive Achilles heal few feature filmmaking technology wonks shouldn’t willingly admit to.

Referring to his article “10 DVD/Blu-ray Audio Commentaries You Have To Hear” Mike Eisenberg claimed these products might contain more humor than expected.

…you get a chance to not only learn about the filmmaking process, but have a few laughs as well.”[1]

It’s really hard not to be impressed with Del Toro’s work. Yet because directors are frequently not as experienced as actors regarding this kind of professional/personal reflection, these ventures may be more risky than expected.  Also sometimes less is more.

Amazon Consumer Reviews:

By Moviedude

Format:Blu-ray|Amazon Verified Purchase

“Pacific Rim got hammered pretty hard by a lot of confused critics who apparently only know Guillermo del Toro from his more artistic magical realism work and somehow missed Hellboy, Mimic, and Blade 2. Pacific Rim belongs solidly to the latter camp, but it’s a labor of love and is missing none of the flair that makes del Toro films so special.”


“I’ll say up front, though it bears little resemblance to the monster sized dump that is Michael Bay’s “Transformers” trilogy-Pacific Rim is the type of movie Bayformers should have been. What I mean by that-is that unlike those hell spawned abominations-Pacific Rim delivers giant robots that awe and inspire instead of ones that pee on people and dangle metallic testicles. Also unlike Bayformers you will not be forced to witness any dog humping or have to groan through lame “jokes” about red mugs in yellow rooms.

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

“I was very burned out on Robots after Transformers and Iron Man, etc, and was very skeptical renting this! A Friend strongly suggested I try it anyway, so I rented it. I ended up BUYING it! Even my Wife really liked it, and she usually hates these sort of Movies!

Very Original Score, Superb Acting! Breathtaking Scenes, and a gripping Plot! Greatest Surprise Action Adventure Sci Fi Movie thrill for me in years!

Very clean movie for your kids, great message, and awesome Movie!”


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[1] http://screenrant.com/10-dvd-commentaries-you-must-hear-mikee-50351/all/1/

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