LIH Editorial: Top 10 Father & Son and Father & Daughter Films

16 Jun

LIH staff would like to wish all the fathers a Happy Fathers Day! In honor of Fathers Day we selected our Top 10 Father & Son and Father & Daughter films.  Enjoy!

1 To Kill a Mockingbird (Father & Daughter)

2. He Got Game (Father & Son)

3. Little Miss Sunshine- (Father & Daughter)

4. Field of Dreams- (Father & Son)

5. Beast of The Southern Wilde- (Father & Daughter)

6. Back to the Future-(Father & Son)

7. It’s a Wonderful Life-(Father & Daughter)

8. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade-(Father & Son)

9. Les Miserable- (Father & Daughter)

10. Big Fish-(Father & Son)


What’s your favorite Father & Son and Father & Daughter film?

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