LIH Editorial: Happy Mother’s Day!

12 May

LIH wishes all mother’s a Happy Mother’s Day.  In celebrating mothers we wanted to ask our viewers what would the world be like if women ruled the world? Below is a video to give you some ideas.  Enjoy!

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One Response to “LIH Editorial: Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. Inez Ellison May 19, 2013 at 2:20 AM #

    Speaking as neither a Republican or a Democrat, my dearest wish is that she does give it a go and that we do give her a chance. It would be the closet thing to having the women rule the world scenario start to take effect. That’s only a catchy phrase anyway because none of us truly want to wrest control out of every man’s hand, we simply want balanced leadership and balanced decision-making. Without that balance we are not going to have that game-changing shift in culture and policy that is needed to pull the world back from its current trajectory of self destruction.

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