LIH: Editorial-4/7-4/13

7 Apr

In remembrance of film critic Roger Ebert. We at LIH have put together some of our most favorite interviews by the late critic who coined the phrase thumbs up/thumbs down. Let’s take a look at Ebert discussing why film criticism is important and see if you agree?

Articles for this week:

Monday- Toss-Up surprise topic-by Open Book

Tuesday-Discussion on Monday Article

Wednesday-Favorite Foreign Films- by LIH Staff

Thursday-Discussion on Wednesday’s article

Friday-Follow up discussion on Wednesday’s article.

One Response to “LIH: Editorial-4/7-4/13”

  1. Comic Relief April 9, 2013 at 7:49 AM #

    When I thing of the many Hollywood film critics including Leonard Maltin, Gene Shalet, Michael Medved, Joel Siegel, (and many many others) I’m fairly sure I liked Roger Ebert (and his former partner, Gene Siskel) the best.

    Committed to evaluating Hollywood content, as these talkers go they were so different from a whole line of others like Rona Barrett, Walter Winchell, Cindy Adams, Rex Reed, Michael Musto, (and many many others) who to my mind were too focused on the wrong things.

    But that’s, of course, an undeniably subjective opinion.

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