LIH Editorial 2/17-2/23

17 Feb

Hi new and returning visitors!

Only one more week before OSCAR MANIA!  Are you ready?  Do you have your cheat sheet?  Have you made your party plans?  If you can’t remember what or who has been nominated check with Oscar.  There is even a printable sheet for you and pals to fill out!  We hope to see you here next Sunday, February 24th for our live chat!

**This week’s schedule**

Monday: article by Ozzie

Tuesday: discussion at 7PM/EST

Wednesday: recap discussion and new article: OSCAR! by LIH staff

Thursday: discussion at 7PM/EST

Friday: recap discussion

Saturday: Oscar Special by Littlebells

**Films opening this week**

One Life: PG (limited)

Snitch: PG-13

Dark Skies: PG-13

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