LIH: Editorial-(1-27-2013)New LIH Format

27 Jan

If you are an LIH frequenter, you may have looked at the site last week and asked “WHAAAAA???”  You likely said this because you probably noticed a lot had changed (as in added to or removed).  The largest change was undoubtedly the longer discussion schedule.  Now the discussions appear on three days instead of just two. And you likely noticed the disappearance of two popular yet frequently inconsistent columns “Movie Buzz” and “Hollywood Take Two.”  Even this column, the “LIH Editorial” disappeared for a week.  You may be asking why did this happen?

The reason this happened was the site did a reassessment of our efforts and came to the conclusion that we should offer more of what our viewers wanted.  By far our most popular and sought after feature, regardless of topic, is our discussions of Hollywood phenomena and culture.  Hollywood is such a popular, perplexing and galvanizing force it needs a tremendous amount of discussion to satisfy viewer curiosity.  Certainly we weren’t the first genius’ to recognize this.   Sites like Rotten, Box Office,, and many others came to this conclusion long ago.

Again regardless of topic, the discussions were the very most popular feature so we decided to give them more focus and more visibility.  To enable that, other less popular features needed to be minimized, especially if they did not always inspire discussion from us.  Does that mean they are eliminated permanently.  No we recognize both columns necessity yet we want to rethink these features and represent in a manner that will guarantee their utility.  Believe us you will see articles under these titles again soon.

Back to the articles, with more discussion, we in fact are committing to stronger written articles, more provocative topics, and greater elucidation within discussions.  We hope you will continue to support our efforts because if not by personal obsession we are producing this material with you, (our appreciated audience) in mind.

You might have noticed we have started our new 5-week series.  Influenced by so much gun violence, serial killing, and political debate focusing on Hollywood, we felt it was impossible to ignore this activity.  Certainly if we offered any service we would need to dive in and at least try to make sense of these events.  The NRA blames Hollywood.  The MPAA allows the kind of violence that many other cultures can’t imagine from the U.S.A. And Hollywood ships this material around the world.  Unfortunately (or possibly fortunately) the U.S. is influenced by these expressions of terror the most.  So shouldn’t we try to figure this out, before it gets even more out of hand? Of course, as usual the 5-week series only occur on Wednesdays, toss-up articles (or any topic) occur on Mondays.

Articles for this week:

  • MondayLeonardo DiCaprio-What’s up with the Oscars? By Little Bells
  • Tuesday- Discussion on Monday’s article @7pmE
  • Wednesday- Re-cap discussion on Monday’s article
  • WednesdayUK Guns & Knives: The Role They Play in the Media-By Ozzie
  • Thursday-Discussion on Wednesday’s article @7pmE
  • Friday-Re-cap discussion on Wednesday’s article
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