LIH Editorial: Happy New Year!

31 Dec

Yes, we know this is New Years Eve but we wanted to celebrate early by wishing everyone a happy and safe 2013. We hope you continue to visit and support us we have a lot of new and exciting things planned for you next year.

You may have noticed our 6 week series on LIH. From time to time  certain topics resonate with our audience.  Below we have put together our 2012′ Top 20 most popular articles. Please enjoy!

1.“50 Shades of Grey” Coming to a Theater Near You!
2.How Much Do Advertisers Spend on Product Placement in Films?
3. Movies Released Straight to DVD
4. Top 10 Bestselling Psychological Thrillers for The Summer!
5. Jacob vs. Jacob: Hidden Meaning in Water for Elephants
6. Blockbusters vs. Indie Films: Part 1
7. Total Recall versus The Matrix: Who Ripped Off Whom?
8. Twilight: Breaking Dawn- “Robsten Decoded”
9.Breaking Dawn: Imprinting Deconstructed
10. Hollywood Celebrity Role Models
11. And The Winner Is? Best Oscar Opening Numbers
12. From Singers to Oscar Winners
13. Top 10 – Best Selling Sci/Fi-books in Europe Today
14. Cosmopolis: What’s Your Favorite Quote?
16. Blockbusters vs. Indie Films: Part 2
17. What Makes a Good or Bad Movie Trailer?
18. Summit’s Replacement for the: “Twilight” Series
19. Oscars 2012 Live Stream: Blogging Event!
20. The Future of DVD & Blu-Ray Packaging: Part-1

Articles for this week

Monday–2013 Most Anticipated Movies-Comic Relief

Tuesday-Open Discussion

Wednesday-Happy New YearLIH Staff

Thursday-Open Discussion

Friday-Movie Buzz

Saturday-Hollywood Take 2

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