2013 Most Anticipated Movies

31 Dec

Beyond the awards season, here’s a list of what audiences are already waiting for in first run 2013 movies and these are some of the reasons why.


Though many may disagree, many action and adventure films in recent years have taken a turn for the thoughtful.  Unlike recent movies like “The Expendables” audiences want serious dramatic exposition more than just one-liners to ground what they are watching on screen.  Notable examples: “21 jump street”, “The Hobbit,” “Red Dawn”,etc.

Coming soon: “Broken City

Animated films:

Scoring high in home video, animated films have to not only be amusing to kids but also get parent’s blessing of being “generally healthy” for the home.  Animated films that don’t pass this test aren’t likely to get more than a first viewing at theaters. Notable examples: “The Lorax,” “Puss in Boots,” “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwreckeded,” etc.

Coming soon: “Escape from Planet Earth” (click on title to view trailer)


With so many Judd Apatow movies produced in recent years, audiences favorably want their comedies to be socially reflective as well as they want humorous scenarios and/or slapstick. Unlike movies like “the Three Stooges,” audiences enjoy recognizing a comedy has some social relevance.  Notable examples: “Bridesmaids,” “Horrible Bosses,” “Moonrise Kingdom,” etc.

Coming soon: “This is 40” (click on title to view trailer)


Speaking to all age groups, popular dramas have no limitations in regard to topical content.  Fortunately themes that are different forms of inspirational tend to win out over films that risk being exploitive like “Savages”.  Notable examples: “The Descendents,” “The Master,” “The Help,” etc.

Coming soon [4]:”Gatsby

Historical Dramas:

Once stodgy and frequently non-poetic, some contemporary history films allow audiences to reconsider events through the contemporary light of the present. Films like “J.Edgar” risk historical accuracy in favor of attracting controversial tabloid headlines.  Notable examples: “Argo”, “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Lawless,” etc.

Coming soon [5]: “Felix Austria!


An acquired taste, Horror films range far and wide content wise to make you cower in your seat. Movies like “The Moth Diaries”[6]that don’t even deliver on the vampires they promise provide more bore than gore.  Notable examples: “The Cabin in the Woods”, “Sinister,” “The Woman in Black,” etc.

Coming soon: (7)“Carrie”(click on title to view trailer)


For those crazy about love stories, romantic film can be hard to avoid.  Movies like “Step Up: revolution” leave little to be sentimental about. Notable examples:  “The Five Year Engagement,”  “The Vow,” “Deep Blue Sea,” etc.

Coming soon [8]: “Comes a bright day”


Once a purely escapist form of entertainment; contemporary Science Fiction frequently requires audiences to consider moral and sociological themes that were once reserved for dramas. Unlike films like “Battleship” the biggest and best explosions don’t determine the highest quality films anymore.  This trend will continue next year.  Notable examples: “Cloud Atlas,” “Looper,” “Prometheus,etc.

Coming soon: “Star Trek Into Darkness

Sci-fi Sub-genre: (Comic book Movies):

Because Marvel already won, you may not be into Marvel Entertainment’s war with Warner Brother’s. Unlike last year’s “John Carter” many try to engage our contemporary present with more topics than action alone.  Notable examples: “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Avengers,” “Chronicle,” etc.

Coming soon: Man of Steel” (click on title to view trailer)


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  1. Open Book January 2, 2013 at 12:25 PM #

    This is a great selection of films CR.

    Gatsby looks good.

  2. Open Book January 2, 2013 at 12:28 PM #

    CR- Of the films u selected. What films are u looking forward to the most?

    • Comic Relief January 2, 2013 at 2:18 PM #

      I can’t wait to talk about that; in fact I have an article planned to rant about all of them.

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