LIH Editorial 11/19-11/27

19 Nov

Hello Readers!

This week brings us the much anticipated holiday of stuffed bellies, aka “Thanksgiving”.  On behalf of LIH, we would like to thank you for  your viewership and comments!  We wouldn’t be here without you.  We hope that wherever you spend the this season, you are safe and happy.  

Since this is a holiday week and many people are getting ready to travel, our articles this week will be a break from our traditional series.  Discussions will be open, so pop in when you can.  Again, Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at LIH!

Schedule this week:

Monday: Twilight Saga Parodies by Littlebells (open discussion)

Wednesday: Thanksgiving Surprise!  by Open Book (open discussion)

Friday: Movie Buzz

Saturday: Hollywood Take 2

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