Hollywood Take 2: After the End of a Long Tumultuous Campaign Season

10 Nov

Restarts for older film series, conclusions for younger film series and with the results of contentious political races, Hollywood had no other option this week than to slow down and reaccess.   And with few specific paths chosen, some targets for all of these topics are nonetheless assured.  Huh, you’re asking; yeah it’s complicated.  You’ll read that plan for Lucas film is set yet the actual participants in many aspects of the next trilogy are still unknown.  Twilight is supposedly finished but even the author of the books is suggesting the franchise may not be through.  Though the country knew what it did not want in a political change, the road ahead may be slow and deliberate. One step forward, one step back, though clear directions are chosen, the road ahead will require more patience than haste.

Essential Stories:

  • Far more put in their bids than reject the next “Star Wars” Trilogy
  • Breaking Dawn II and the end of an era?
  • After the End of a Long Tumultuous Campaign Season

Far more put in their bids than rejected the next “Star Wars” Trilogy

Now that we know the Lucas film organization is solvent and we’re in for another “Star Wars” trilogy, the requests for details about the project won’t stop in reference to many online blogs and news sites.  Creative people all over Hollywood are declaring their feelings or are making bids to participate in the future Jedi centered films.  Were going to attempt the impossible and briefly address some highlights of this discussion.


Variety and Deadline confirm the Hollywood Reporter’s story that “Michael Arndt has been working with Lucas Film for several months on a treatment for the new Star Wars movie, Lucas Film has confirmed that the Toy Story 3 scribe will write the screenplay for Episode VII [1].” 


A who’s who list of creators, the likes of Kevin Smith, Stephen Spielberg, Jon Favreaux, J.J. Abrams, Zack Snyder, Quentin Tarrantino [2], etc. have at the very least clarified who they are in relationship to what they believe Star Wars is or should be becoming.  Even if they doubted interest or suitability, few neglected to at least sound enthusiastic about more episodic contributions to the series.


Though many of the original principle cast have already declared their willingness to return to the series, and many in the supposedly prequel installment have done the same publically also.  In terms of the new characters that would need to assume relative, sibling, and children’s roles of the original cast of Skywalker’s and Solo’s[3], some have made their interest known publically also.  Certainly there will be many month’s before we know what new acting talent will be joining the new series.

More tearful than “Breaking Dawn 2” episode, fans respond to the series end

Screening next week, after years of hearing so much of Hollywood’s annually complaining about the (feature film quality-wise) horrific, (screen writing-wise) pathetic, and (romance–wise) nauseating Twilight series; few seemed willing to let it disappear last week.  Its three ubiquitous celebrity leads made the talk show rounds last week and the only thing consistent about this event was a sense of sadness and remorse expressed because the franchise is ending.  Though female teen fans were always given credit for supporting the series, despite this unprecedented event, we can’t ignore that something more than a cultural milestone must have occurred.

According to MTV, “Summit says there will be 2,300 campers altogether” [4], in tent cities waiting for the Monday premiere of the movie.  Wider than the usual fan girls, hordes are recognizing that series heart-throb Robert Pattinson will be in other movies in the near future.  With all of her interviews, journalists who may have wrote off Kristen months ago are suddenly receptive as though the glut of tabloid info actually means something in regard to the movie.  According to The Hollywood Reporter these tent cities will receive musical entertainment from sound track contributors as well as an appearance from series actress Nikki Reed and her husband[5].  And despite a previous silence on the topic, author Stephanie Meyer is telling audiences more “Twilight” may come in the future[6].

After the End of a Long Tumultuous Campaign Season

After months of debate and discussion referring to how President Obama or Romney would run the country the voting concluded Tuesday.  Hollywood’s hecklers, pitchmen, and spokesmen had to accept what did and did not align with the common preferences of the general public.  Though not a landslide, Obama’s lead was decisive and clarified that 4 more years satisfied most voters.

And you thought the fire works were over.  Though allies [7] were thanked and congratulated, supporters are already calling in favors that will soon be relevant in the courts.   Latinos and the LGBT community are requesting aid in both immigration and civil rights legislation.   Though the economy will continue to source of concern individual communities continue to seek the president’s aid and reform; and that’s on the winning side of the ticket.  And many are claiming his attention to housing policy is just as urgent [8].

On the Republican side of the aisle, suggestions about undisciplined spending [9], regarding snubbing, media interference [10], and shoddy alliances plague the right.

Fortunately in the entertainment in the entertainment industry grudges don’t seem to persist nearly as long.


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