LIH Editorial:9-3-2012

3 Sep

Dear frequent and appreciated readers of LIH,

As you know, this is a cinephile site and our writers frequently address a wide number of entertainment topics.  Thank you for voting in last weeks poll. The winner in the poll? The Dark Knight Rises for having the Summers best marketing campaign. Currently we have roughly 6 writers who write most of the articles yet we always encourage you to weigh in (sincerely nothing excites us more than to see your replies).

Mondays: On this day the writers usually address a Random Topic.

Tuesdays: This is a scheduled discussion night for that the Monday articles.  Yet replies may appear soon after the article is posted.

Wednesdays: As a group we usually address a predetermined site topic on Wednesday.  Currently we’re in the third week of a seven-week series that is focuses on feature film Marketing Methods and Processes in Hollywood

Thursdays:  The scheduled discussion nights for the Wednesday article occur on this night.

Fridays:   See our weekly column “Movie Buzz.”  Reviewing the output of many feature film evaluation sites we offer our own ideas on that week’s wide release feature films.

Saturdays:  See our weekly column “Hollywood Take 2.”  Reviewing many entertainment news sites we offer our own take on that week’s entertainment news and events, and stories.

Do you think it is appropriate for Hollywood personalities to use their influence to impact the Presidential election?

This weeks Article Calendar:

  • Monday: “Top Ten Films for 2012 Fall Season” an article post by Open Book.
  • Tuesday: Article Discussion
  • Wednesday: “Film Studios Marketing Tactics for Franchises” an article post by Paris
  • Thursday: Article Discussion
  • Friday: Movie Buzz
  • Saturday: Hollywood Take 2
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