LIH Editorial the week of 8/25/2012

20 Aug

LIH fans and supporters we’re starting this editorial to better inform you of what and why we’re doing what were doing on this site.  It’s probably well understood that we’re trying to satisfy the Cinephile’s hunger for entertainment information.  It occurred to us that you might want to understand why we’re making the selections we feature.  We’re also increasingly interested in what you think about what were supplying.

You might have caught our last 7-week series dedicated to “Cosmopolis.”  Adapted from a book by Don DeLillo, directed by David Cronenberg, and lead acted by Robert Pattinson; it occurred to us a daring movie might likely result from these combined talents.  Addressing many national and current social issues this series was chosen because many of us thought the movie would likely help many understand many of the recent controversies that appear to derive from Wall Street.

Beginning on Wednesday, our next 7-week series will address how marketing departments drive feature film production.  You might find it surprising that many times it’s a marketing department that supplies a film studio’s topical content.  That’s correct; not inspired studio heads, not prolific screen writers, not ingenious producers, not visionary directors, not passionate actors, but men, women and/or teams from the marketing departments of these studios.  Like past series that incorporated: evaluations of product placement in films, addressed the appeal of psychological thrillers, and followed the influence of festivals on Oscar nominations: we’re hoping to stimulate your hunger for information on this topic.

Schedule of Articles:

  • Monday-Torture Porn by Open Book
  • Wednesday– New series Film Studios Marketing Tactics-Part 1 by LB
  • Friday– Movie Buzz
  • Saturday– New Movie Hot Seat-Cosmopolis Moderated by Ozzie 2
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