Movie Buzz: 5/31

1 Jun

Hold the phone, Joe!  Say it can’t be so! Well it finally happened.  Marvel’s The Avengers finally got bumped to number two by the two men in dark suits.  Men in Black III opened last weekend with $54.6M.   Let’s see how it did and if it’s worth the money!

Note: We only review films in wide release.  

Men in Black III—PG-13  What’s the Buzz? Agent J (Will Smith) has to go back in time to save Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin).  The film itself has not garnered fabulous reviews by critics, although it’s not terribly disliked.  However it is Brolin’s impersonation of Tommy Lee Jones that is getting the real attention.  Rolling Stones says Brolin’s Agent K is “spot on and spectacularly funny. Brolin brings in a true actor’s grace, adding humor and heart that help explain the origins of Agent K’s moody blues.”[1]

So is it worth the money? Maybe

                Box office rank: 1

            Film Critics Say: Metacritic- 58

rottentomatoes: 69% (relatively fresh)

            Consumers Say: Metacritic- 7

rottentomatoes: 76%  (fresh-er)

What’s opening in theaters this weekend?

Snow White and the Huntsman (latest review results—47% rottentomatoes)



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