Hollywood Take 2: 2012 Cannes Visionary Award Winner

26 May

As the Cannes film festival comes to an end. LIH wanted to highlight one of the most anticipated films to make its debut at Cannes this year. The film we are talking about is Cosmopolis by David Cronenberg starring Robert Pattinson which premiered on Friday at Cannes. However, before we get to that. We want to put a spotlight on who took home the Visionary award this year?

Selected Topics:

  • 2012 Cannes Visionary Award Winner
  • 2012 Cannes Cosmopolis Interviews/Press Conference
  • What happens at The Short Film Corner at Cannes?

2012 Cannes Visionary Award Winner

On Thursday The Cannes Visionary Award went to:

  •  Sofia’s Last Ambulance.

A documentary by Ilian Metev about Bulgaria’s capital Sofia and staff at its ambulances struggling to keep up with their workload.[1]

Please click here to view trailer

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Have you ever wondered what is the significance to a short film? This video highlights the reason a short film is so important to filmmakers and the industry. Please watch

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One Response to “Hollywood Take 2: 2012 Cannes Visionary Award Winner”

  1. Open Book May 28, 2012 at 3:23 PM #

    I watched the panel discussion and u can tell DC and Rob have a relationship built out of mutual respect for one another. That makes all the difference in the world when collaborating.

    On a different note:
    I like the grey shirt and sport coat Rob wore during the panel discussion. He really looked open and relaxed. The banter between Rob and DC was fun to watch.

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