HOLLYWOOD TAKE 2: When Rules are Broken

12 May

For the week ending May 12th, I can’t help remembering all of the week’s where the accumulated day’s outcomes were fairly ordinary, conventional, or certainly non-noteworthy. Other than The Avengers fairly unprecedented box office successes other events were equally unique and significantly hard to predict.  In many instances scenarios whose endings were inscribed, will have to be rewritten.  Conclusions that appeared to be confirmed should instead be entirely rethought.  And assurances that should have accumulated a fair amount of interest will certainly have to be recalculated. Filled with innovators, ground-breaking technology and trendsetters, this wasn’t a predictable week and little occurred historically to help say otherwise.

Significant Stories:

  • President Obama Pledges Support for Gay Marriage
  • Obstacles to tracking Video on Demand Stats
  • Adam Yauch; (RIP)


  • Despite support for a range of other laws that endorsed parity between the Gay and Straight communities, Obama broke with what might have appeared to be ambivalence or neutrality on the topic of Gay marriage. On Wednesday the current President of the United States pledged to endorse continued efforts to legalize Gay marriage [1.].  Referring to articles in both the Hollywoodreporter.com and Deadline.com, you may be asking what these electoral politics have to do with Hollywood. Wednesday’s commitments only precluded a record breaking fundraising bonanza that will likely continue for the rest of the weekend and certainly for many months to come [2].  Though previously less committed, many of Hollywood’s elite were quick to announce their pleasure with this turn of events many of which planning greater financial support to the Obama Presidential campaign.  Due to its Hollywood genesis, whether this Hollywood backing can earn the President a second term will likely remain a topic of interest at this site and others.


  • In number and volume, a very short time ago, the cries of crisis in the independent film world were almost deafening. Too many films were made, too few were being distributed, and way too few were being seen.  When or where would we see a solution for a non-blockbuster or studio film alternative that could not find the traction it needed to bring films to desiring audiences?  Avoiding the challenges of conventional distribution, Video-on-demand (VoD) seemed to have just the right combination of technological assts to offset this audience frustrating predicament.   Soon it would become apparent that that Video-on-demand though it seemed to connect audiences and film makers, proposed obstacles to evaluation that ultimately made it difficult to ascertain where it was an entertainment innovation at all.  Indiewire.com’s Anthony Kaufman [3] decided to explore some of the obstacles to evaluation that thus far has plagued this distribution media and found many of his research findings as disturbing as the results of the previous film moving system.


  • If you’re a classic rap fan, you may have heard of the passing of Beastie Boys founder Adam Yauch. After a long bout with the disease, the rapper died last week due to Cancer.   What many don’t know was his other entertainment world connections to Hollywood. He was also a co-founder of the Oscilloscope labs studio.  There many independent filmmakers were glad to call the film company their home.




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