Movie Buzz: 3/23

23 Mar

This week 21 Jump Street took number one at the box office, grossing $36.6M.  The Lorax came in second grossing $22.8M while John Carter came in at third with $13.6M. Poor Casa de mi Padre fell fall on the ladder at 9.  It only grossed $2.3M.   Let’s see how they did and if they are worth the money!

Note: We only review films in wide release.  

21 Jump Street–R What’s the Buzz?It seems you can’t go wrong watching Oscar Nominee Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in this remake of the famous television series. This movie is smart, nostalgic, and takes great humor in pop culture.  Rolling Stone says, “The new take [on 21 Jump Street] has a playful spark all its own…the characters stay admirably rooted in character.[1] Plus we hear there is a special cameo by Johnny Depp as his previous character!  Who could ask for more?

So is it worth the money? Yes!!

  •  Box office rank: 1
  •  Film Critics Say: Metacritic- 69
  •  rottentomatoes: 86% (FRESH!)
  • Consumers Say: Metacritic- 8.1
  • rottentomatoes: 92%  (Rock on!  Far out!)

Casa de mi Padre—R –What’s the Buzz? Confusion.  Critics and consumers couldn’t seem to agree on whether to like it or hate it.  The New York Post says that as a full-length feature, “ ‘Casa’ is simply a funny story that seems to go stale around the 10 minute mark.[2]  Perhaps the world isn’t ready for a parody of Spanish telenovelas quite yet.  Consumers felt if you are not a Will Farrell fan and don’t get his humor, stay away.  However, if you do, you will enjoy and appreciate the film for what it is.

 So is it worth the money? Quisas (maybe)

  •  Box office rank: #8
  •  Film Critics Say: Metacritic- 52
  •  rottentomatoes: 45% (Aye, que chico!)
  •  Consumers Say: Metacritic- 4.6
  •   rottentomatoes: 74% (Buena suerte!)

 What’s opening in theaters this weekend?

The Hunger Games (latest review results—88% rottentomatoes)

The Raid: Redemption (latest review results—29% rottentomatoes)

October Baby (latest review results: 33% rottentomatoes)

2 Responses to “Movie Buzz: 3/23”

  1. Open Book March 23, 2012 at 6:50 PM #

    I saw 21 Jumpstreet and Casa Padre/Will Farrels film. 21 JS was a parody of the tv show, which is apparent by the trailer. I thought Ice Cube was way over the top IMO!!

    Casa Padre- I sorta liked it. Yet, I would wait for it on dvd.

    • littlebells March 23, 2012 at 7:14 PM #

      Yeah 21 seems like a renter to me as well. And I probably will rent Casa de mi Padre because I like Farrel and random movies. 🙂

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