HOLLYWOOD TAKE 2: Conflict Resolution for Entertainment Combat

4 Feb

Reviewing this last week in Hollywood, we can see entertainment combat can be resolved in many ways. Some contests just conclude.  Some opponents choose contrasting forms of battle.  Some opponents choose just give in.  Some opponents regroup to win another day, etc.  We saw many contests this week.

With victors being specified, Oscar predictors would do well to take note in regard to SAG Award winners. With so many commentators present, there is no shortage of opinions in regard to this weekend’s Super Bowl XLVI predictions.  If you thought any competitions had died down in regard Comic book industry entertainment battles think again.  When tensions run high, given the antagonism between the reigning music industry talent shows like American Idol, The Voice and X-Factor modifications in casting can be severe consequences! And though untimely, we say good-bye to one of contemporary pop culture’s maestros of televised dance music culture.

Essential topics:

  1. SAG Awards
  2. Super Bowl XLVI Coverage
  3. Comic Book Movie Leaders Battle for Different Media
  4. The X Factor Cast Bloodbath
  5. R.I.P Don Cornelius

SAG Awards

Oscar watchers should pay close attention.  Organized by the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and celebrating the best  acting performances in Film and television, it would be hard not to notice The Help’s domination of the award show.  For that matter recently WME signed The Artist actor Jean Dujardin also had an impressive night. Featuring Kate Winslet’s win for Mildred Pierce, The Hollywood Reporter captured some of the highlights of an impressive night.

Show based video of Winslet on Inside The Actors Studio.

Super Bowl XLVI Coverage

Featuring many commentator luminaries of professional sports, Cable TV & Celebrity Examiner Christine Nyholm featured a kind of roundtable dedicated to commentator opinions about the two different Super Bowl teams. These were the featured participants: Bob Costas, Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, Mark Lazarus, and Fred Gaudelli.

Featured for the first time talk show host Jimmy Fallon will host a Post Super Bowl Game Show.  The late night program will feature Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg and musical guest Flo Rida. Musical guests and Fallon sidemen, The Roots will also be on hand.

This video is a biased appraisal of quarterback Tom Brady.

This video is a biased appraisal of quarterback Eli Manning.

Comic Book Movie Leaders Battle for Different Media

Anyone who’s keeping track of the wars pertaining to the Comic book movie genre should recognize that the two major combatants have chosen different venues to attempt to secure their supremacy.  Marvel continues to try to dominate feature films. DC is pursuing a lot of plans and projects to advance their strengths on TV.  Sciencefiction.com announced that Samuel Jackson’s Avengers character Nick Fury would likely be filmed after the Captain America sequel.  The week before Den of Geek.com surprised many by claiming that Marvel’s amazing archer and Avengers team member would not be headed for his own film.  As yet unseen character, Doctor Strange was more likely to receive that honor.

On the DC Comics side of the pond, weeks ago Deadman development was confirmed for the CW.  This news was later followed by news that a series for Booster Gold was in development for the SCIFI network.  This week Deadline.com claimed the CW was moving forward with its series and pilot for character and audience favorite Green Arrow with actor and relative newcomer Stephen Amell.  This was terrible news to many fans who thought this show and pilot would rehire Justin Hartley who affectionately played the character in the long running Smallville television series.

In past seasons, Smallville’s Justin Heartly helping to tell a story of what motivated the character. Click here to listen.

The X Factor Cast Bloodbath

Many were horrified that judge and producer Simon Cowell mass fired 70% of the broadcast personnel for the show X-Factor.  Show host Steve Jones and Judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul were summarily fired due to average ratings and some might claim inadequate performance.  We can only assume that Jones did not live up to the example set by American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest. Scherzinger had become a favorite for blogosphere snark attacks and criticism.  Even Cowell complained that sexual tension between he and former American Idol cast mate Abdul had become difficult in regard to their working relationship.  We’ll avoid speculating any further but remember Cowell recently dumped his long time fiancé, so he doesn’t appear to waste much time with difficult love interests.  After all of the carnage, with only he and studio head LA Reed left in front of the camera, who do you think should replace the recently fired celebrities?

Please take note of the speculation on X-Factor host replacements.

R.I.P. Don Cornelius

If you are old enough or you’ve seen the reruns you may be very familiar with Soul Music entertainment entrepreneur, pioneer, and Soul Train host Don Cornelius.  From an early seventies time when TV shows like American Bandstand were still new, Soul Train featured many bands and entertainers that would not likely be featured on the more mainstream teen dance shows.  Not really being of today’s pop persuasion, Soul Train supported many of the artists that would be unknown until the 1980’s.  Shadow and Act helps us remember the most innovative dances of the time, the Soul Train message board, and of course the Soul Train line. This guilty pleasure rarely failed to enthrall.   Dead of an as yet undisputed suicide, many of us can only ponder what troubled the R&B master of ceremonies of our teenage wonder as we have no choice but to say farewell.

Review the excerpts taken from this well-known Time-Life series.


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  1. comic relief February 5, 2012 at 9:20 AM #

    I can’t believe how brutal the music industry is? From a fan point-of-view the industry we gives so many great tunes, but the daily abuse is merciless.

    I guess sales-wise if they were to hire Mariah Carrey, she would be a bigger fish than most of the musicians of all of the other shows. With Howard Stern headed to “America’s Got Talent” I don’t know how Cowell intends to trump Ryan Seacrest. On the other hand he must have something planned since he invented this reality genre.


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