Hollywood Take 2: 2012 Oscar Nominations & Snubs

28 Jan

This is where LIH takes a second look at this weeks Top happening stories in Hollywood and ask you to discuss them. This weeks big story of course were the Oscar Nominations that happened on Tuesday, January 24th, 2012. Who got nominated versus who got snubbed was all over the Internet. We will review that story and others. So without further ado.  

a). 2012 Oscar Nominations & Snubs

Here is a live telecast of the nominations from ABC News click here to watch. After the nominations were announced you will see on ABC’s Good Morning America a great panel discussion on the nominations and snubs. Some of their points were well taken. Another excellent discussion went on was over on Thompson Hollywood on the Oscar Post Nomination & Predictions with a Live podcast click here to listen. What do you think of their review?  [1] 

b). Staying True to Animation: THR Roundtable

This roundtable occured last week but in light of the Oscar’s being nominated. This roundtable feature some of the Directors nominated for an Oscar. Please click here to watch the discussion. Some of the questions answered is… What does a Animation Director do?

c). Bingham Ray R.I.P.

Many say there would be no Independent Film business without Bingham Ray. On Monday Jan 23rd, his untimely death resonated among  many Sundance Film Festival attendees.  Here is an example of films he was responsible for.  

FILMOGRAPHY: Ray championed difficult projects and ushered them to acclaim.[2]

  • Secrets & Lies (1996): An early Mike Leigh classic
  • Breaking the Waves (1996): Our intro to Lars von Trier  
  • The Apostle (1997): Robert Duvall as a radio preacher
  • No Man’s Land (2001): A Bosnian War Oscar winner
  • Bowling For Columbine (2002) Michael Moore on gun violence
  • Hotel Rwanda (2004) Don Cheadle saving Tutsis

2 Responses to “Hollywood Take 2: 2012 Oscar Nominations & Snubs”

  1. Comic Relief January 28, 2012 at 2:22 PM #

    You know, I’m sure sports fans have a much easier time with these kinds of competitions than film fans.

    You watch for a season, announcers remind you at the beginning, during and end of every game what the stakes are for the game are. The general sports news reminds you also reminding you of rankings, past performance, and game end scores. Between games you come to except your favorite or favored team’s win’s, loses, and placement referring to the final season’s competitors. Owners, head coaches and players comment on their expectations and performance before, after, and sometimes during each game. There are multiple playoff games to establish the choice of the final two competitors. The two competitors are celebrated almost 24-7 prior to, during, and after the last game. Sometimes everyone from the night watchman, hot dog salesmen, cheerleaders and water boys may be interviewed relating to that team’s community of supporters.

    For the Oscars, on one day you find out the competitive outcome of possibly one year’s work.

    How sad.

    • littlebells January 28, 2012 at 3:43 PM #

      What a great comparison!!! so true!

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