Hollywood Take 2: Sundance Film Festival

22 Jan

This is where LIH takes a second look at this weeks Top happening stories in Hollywood and ask you to discuss them. First, lets take a trip to Park City, Utah for The Sundance Film Festival, which began January 19, going on till January, 29 2012. Then will go back to Los Angeles and review other stories that took place this past week.

a). The Sundance Film Festival

For those of you wondering why Sundance is so important? Here’s a short synopsis about this events history described by Indie Wire they state, [1]

  • Sundance annually draws industry, programmers, and journalists from around the world leading to considerable scrutiny of its lineup and event. The sales of films from its roster became a key barometer of the festival’s success in the 90s, but the measuring stick is changing as the marketplace and sales process for independent films evolves in light of new business models for movies driven by companies that fall outside of the traditional Hollywood studio system.
If you can’t make it to Utah? Sundance, now allows you to watch the 200 films selected to compete for awards through a live stream this year.
For more information on film festivals see articles-Blockbuster v. Indie Films: Part 1 & Part 2

b). The 2012 Golden Globes Ratings- Up or Down?

According to CBS News The 2012 GG Awards ratings were down from last year.  They state,

  • The Nielsen Co. says Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony was seen by 16.8 million TV viewers. While it beat all network competition in its time period, it dipped slightly from last year’s audience for the film and TV awards show.” To read the full story click here.

c). Award Show Season Review: December 2011-February 2012

I know what your saying. What we need are more award shows? Just kidding!! Yet, they do serve a purpose. This is one major way film studios market and campaign for the coveted Oscar.  So without further ado, heres a run down of all the award shows leading up to the Oscars.[2]

December 2011

  • 1 – National Board of Review Awards
  • 2 – European Film Awards
  • 3 – Golden Satellite Awards

January 2012

  • 4 – Critics Choice Awards
  • 5 – Golden Globe Awards
  • 6 – Producers Guild Awards
  • 7 – Directors Guild Awards
  • 8 – Screen Actors Guild Awards

February 2012

  • 9 – BAFTA Awards
  • 10- ACE Eddie Awards
  • 11- WGA Awards
  • 12 – Cesar Awards
  • 13 – Golden Raspberry Awards
  • 14 – Independent Spirit Awards
  • 15 – Academy Awards

d). Anti-Piracy Bill was Halted after Wednesday’s Protest.

All over the Internet we saw web sites go black in protest of the Anti-Piracy Bills. This legislation would allow government to block pirated content from overseas. What are protesters argument? They believe this law would infringe on innovation and freedom on the Internet. For more information on this topic click here.

e). What’s holding up the MLK films? 

As we celebrated Martin Luther King day on Monday. Many were wondering what’s going on with all the MLK films being produced? There are about five films in various stages of development and many have come to a dead end. Here are some of the films below. See the full story on Shadow&Act.

  • Memphis-Paul Greengrass/Universal Pictures-On Hold
  • Selma-Lee Daniels-Financing Problems
  • Oprah’s Miniseries on MLK-A Go
  • MLK (film title unknown)-Spielberg/Dreamworks-A Go
  • Code Name Zorro-Wesley Snipes-On Hold

[1] http://www.indiewire.com/festival/sundance_film_festival

[2] http://www.indiewire.com/article/save_the_dates_heres_the_2011-12_awards_season_calendar

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  1. littlebells January 22, 2012 at 11:38 AM #


    I’m glad to hear the anti-piracy law didn’t get passed.

    Yes, I think there are too many awards, but I get the point. But there are some that are completely pointless, useless, and a waste of brain cells. Of course they are not listed, which is great!

    I had no idea so many MLK films were in production and then halted. Verrrrrry interesting…

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