Movie Buzz 9-2

2 Sep

The Help continues to dominate the box office!  If you haven’t seen it yet, go soon! Opening this last week in wide release was Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Our Idiot Brother, and Colombiana. How will they do this weekend and will they be worth the money? 

Note: We only review films in wide release.  

Don’t Be Afraid of the DarkR What’s the Buzz?  USA Today says, “This insipid wannabe frightner features a checklist of derivative conventions.”[1] Rolling Stone thought “although written by Guillermo del Toro…the film never takes hold emotionally.”[2]  What did audience members think?  Most thought the actors went through the motions and found it boring.

So is it worth the money? No

         Box office rank: #4

         Film Critics Say: Metacritic- 5.9

rottentomatoes: 58% (rotten)

         Consumers Say: Metacritic- 3

rottentomatoes: 45% (rotten)


Our Idiot BrotherR – What’s the Buzz?

Many film critics enjoyed this film and USA Today said, “The laughs are consistent and occasionally outlandish…they arise out of recognizable family situations.  It is more playful that hilarious, and it avoids the mean-spiritedness that….it could indulge in.”[3]  Audiences found it very funny and felt it was a great “feel-good” film.

So is it worth the money? Yes!

         Box office rank: 4

         Film Critics Say: Metacritic- 6.3

rottentomatoes: 67%

         Consumers Say: Metacritic- 3.5

rottentomatoes: 68%



ColombianaPG-13 What’s the Buzz?  Entertainment Weekly says, “Colombiana is silly fun at first, but as (Saldana’s) character grows…it turns into the same silly stuff we’ve seen before.”  New York Magazine felt the acting was bad all around, but you can’t blame the performers.  “The dialogue needed a writer to come in and punch it up—the lines sound like place holders.”[4]  The audiences were about 50/50on enjoying it and finding it average and unoriginal.

So is it worth the money? Sorta

         Box office rank: 2

         Film Critics Say: Metacritic- 5.1

rottentomatoes: 35% (rotten)

         Consumers Say: Metacritic- 3.5

rottentomatoes: 62%


What’s opening in theaters this weekend? Apollo 18  and Shark Night

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