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17 Jun

Super 8 dominated the box office last weekend. With good reviews by film critics and consumers, how will it do this weekend? Also, opening last weekend in wide release was Judy Moody and The Not Bummer Summer we will see how film critic reviews measure up against consumer reviews on this film. Then let you know if it’s worth the money.

Note: We only review films in wide release.  

Super 8-PG-13- What’s the Buzz? This film has won over both critics and consumers and earning a certified fresh on  Many critics said this film was reminiscent of E.T. and Stand by Me.  One critic said it was a “good old days, good feeling, summer -movie spectacle.[1]” Consumers agreed it was a great throwback to 80’s sci-fi and 100% Steven Spielberg sensibilities woven throughout the film.[2] Is it worth the money? A BIG YES!

  • Box office rank: #1
  • Film Critics Say: Metacritic- 76 Positive, rottentomatoes: 83% (certified fresh)
  • Consumers Say: Metacritic- 7.6 Positive, rottentomatoes: 85%

Judy Moody and The Not Bummer Summer: PG – What’s the Buzz? This film scored pretty low among critics. What were some of the complaints? Many felt the behavior of the lead character was too annoying and unrealistic. 71% of consumers said they would see this film on there has not been one review so far.[3] However, on Metacritic the few who have seen this film said the movie was horrible. Is it worth the money? A big NO!

  • Box office rank: #7
  • Film Critics Say: Metacritic- 38 Negative, rottentomatoes: 16% (certified fresh)
  • Consumers Say: Metacritic- 3.3 Negative, rottentomatoes: 71%

 SPECIAL-SUPER 8- Movie Review

By Guest Author-Littlebells

FYI, I am going to be making separate posts with questions. That way those of you who have seen it can reply directly to THAT question and not some long, ending post. I don’t have time to do all of them this morning, but I will try.

For those of you who have NOT seen Super 8, their will be spoilers.

  • Describe the audience at the theater where you saw the film. Was the theater full or half full? *please do not give out your location*

THe first time I saw it was on opening day at the first showing. I was by myself (yipee!) and the theater was almost full. Most boys, teenagers, and men. A few ladies here and there, but mostly guys.

The second time was last night (Wednesday) at the 7:20 showing. I was with my husband and our friends. There were probably 15 people.

  • Did you go alone or with someone?

Dang’t I answered that in number 1!

  • What time of day did you see the film?

You would think I could read my own stinkin’ questions, wouldn’t you? Geez. I guess I’m just too excited!

  • How did the audience respond to the film?

I’m pretty sure they liked it! I saw people “jump” (like my husband and I literally mean his whole body came out of his seat! It was awesome!!! I was LOL’ing like crazy). I just noticed everyone was sucked into the film. No whispering to each other, just full on engaged with the story.

I did hear people laugh at the funny parts and one liners, so that was   good.

  • Do you think the film lived up to the trailer?

IMO, yes, because I had absolutely no idea what to expect. The first trailer I saw was about 20 seconds and all it showed was a train derailing and something pushing on one of the cars.

The second trailer was a bit longer, but still did not give out much info. I don’t know how many people will actually end up seeing Super 8. I saw that the info given in the trailer was mysterious and enough to capture my interest. I hate when all the best parts are shown in a trailer and there is no surprise left in the movie or the movie ends up sucking anyway. Super 8s trailer gave away 20% of the film. As I sat watching the film, I was completely in awe of how the story was unfolding. I realize my opinion on trailers may not be favored, but sometimes I think too much of a film can kill it.

  • What did you think of the chemistry between the boys? Alice and Joe? Joe and his father?

I loved the boys! I loved their distinct personalities and how well they blended. They reminded me of the boys in Stand By Me and Goonies. LOL!! I thought their banter was great and very realistic. My husband was laughing a lot!

I think Alice and Joe (Elle and Joel) were great. You could definitely feel the prepubescent love/like feelings between the two. It was very sweet and realistic for their age. I liked that their moments together weren’t rushed.

I do wish there had been more of a relationship development between Joe and his dad. I get that there was distance, but at the end I felt their tension was too quickly resolved. Also, you never had them really talking about Joe’s mother’s death and how they were feeling. Maybe the clips are on the editing room floor, but I just wish there had been a bit more between the two.

(For more of her review Q&A 7-14 please click on this CHAT link and scroll down).

What’s opening in wide release this weekend?

  • Green Lantern
  • Mr. Popper’s Penguins (please see trailer below)


7 Responses to “Movie Buzz 6-17”

  1. Littlebells June 17, 2011 at 11:02 AM #

    HI OB!

    Feel free to move my 2345243 comments on Super 8 from the Chat thread to here. 🙂 (If it’s possible to do that)

    • Open Book June 17, 2011 at 1:20 PM #

      Hi LB!

      Will do.

    • Open Book June 17, 2011 at 4:06 PM #


      Here is my review of Super 8

      1. Describe the audience at the theater where you saw the film. Was the theater full or half full? *please do not give out your location*

      The theater was not full. I would say about ¼ full.

      2. Did you go alone or with someone?

      No, I went with a friend.
      3. What time of day did you see the film?

      I saw the film in the late afternoon.

      4. How did the audience respond to the film?

      The audience was relatively quiet. My friend and I laughed at various parts but we were the only ones who were vocal.

      5. Do you think the film lived up to the trailer?

      There was not much to go on from the trailer, which was fine. The trailer gave u a sense of what to expect and that’s all I needed. So Yes! In that way, it did live up to the trailer.

      6. What did you think of the chemistry between the boys? Alice and Joe? Joe and his father?

      The chemistry I thought was good. It’s rare to see kids being kids in films, with dreams and imaginations. So often today kids are expected to be more adult than adults. Good example is Judy Moody and The Not Bummer Summer.

      The father and son relationship was not explained very well. Why was the father distant? Why were the neighbors concerned about how the father was treating the son? I kept waiting to hear that explained. Also, how the Mother died was breezed over as well. I found that annoying. I know it was not the main plot but it was the catalyst for a lot of the emotional turmoil and character development of the main character. I think it would have helped to see the relationship between Joe and his mother while she was alive in the beginning.

      The other Q u asked I will try to answer briefly here:

      I felt pretty good. It was like seeing an 80’s sci-fi film. The only thing that bothered me was the over the top explosions. Also, if the alien could wreak havoc on an entire town how did they contain it in a train?

      What compelled me to see this film?

      Littlebells. & Spielberg

      How did you feel about the use of CGI? Would this film have been good in 3D?

      I thought the CGI was good but a bit over the top. I saw it in 2-D. I might have seen it in IMAX if the time fit into my schedule and if I had an interest in going deaf that day.

      Would you see this film again and why?

      Yes, I would see it again. I would definitely recommend this film to moviegoers. It was fun but I have to say the end of the film was a bit cheesy but fun none the less.

      • Littlebells June 17, 2011 at 4:40 PM #

        Now why could I not be as precise as you! 🙂

        • Littlebells June 17, 2011 at 4:40 PM #

          PS the ending was E.T. on melted Velveeta! hahaha!!! But it was fun, just like you said. 🙂

  2. Francesa June 18, 2011 at 2:33 AM #

    I went to see Super 8 tonight as well. I agree it reminded me of the 80’s type sci-fi movie. LB you are correct with the ET and throw in Close Encounters vibe to it. My friend who went with me said is was like watching a cover band. There was definitely Spielberg written all over it, just not as polished and like OB said over the top and lack of development in certain areas. I would see it again, but wait until it comes out on DVD.
    When I got back to my hotel i was able to catch Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhall. I know it came out in 2009 but I really enjoyed it. Kind of cliche in some parts, but Jeff Bridges played the drunken c/w singer well and can see why he received the Oscar for the performance. The movie also reminded me of the Wrestler Just different actors and a singer vs a wrestler. After seeing the movie i realized that he has given many many great performances, The Fischer King, Big Lebowski. Have any of you seen this movie??

    • Open Book June 18, 2011 at 3:20 PM #

      I saw Crazy Heart. I thought Jeff Bridges was great. ITA it was a bit cliché. I knew where things were headed from the beginning of the film. However, JB was very compelling and engaging and Maggie Gyllenhaal was great also. I think I’ve seen all of his films even the not so hot ones. He still gives good performances despite it being obvious he took the film to get paid. Did u see True Grit? This is the only film I have yet to see. Loved him in “The Men Who Stare at Goats,” that came out in 2009 I think? Anyway, I like some of his older films. The Big Lebowski or “Dude Lebowski”and “The Fisher King” is classic.

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