The Future of Leading men in Hollywood

12 Nov

By:  Parisienne

A leading man in Hollywood.  What makes up a leading man in Hollywood?  Do we as a society wrongly project our wants, hopes and dreams onto one man that we cannot imagine what we would do without him in our lives?  In my opinion, a leading man, is seen as someone who is unattainable, this man does not exist.  He is everything women want in a man. Good looking, intelligent, compassionate, confident within himself and passionate and also a bit of “bad boy” on the side.

I have heard it said countless times that Robert Pattinson is so hot and sexy that he makes women want to sleep with their husbands and that husbands around the world should thank him.  I wonder if Cary Grant ever made women feel this way.  However, there are differences between Cary Grant and Robert Pattinson but I think that is because society has changed. Do you think Robert Pattinson will obtain Cary Grant’s or James Dean’s status?  What characteristics in a man will make up the next “leading man in Hollywood?”

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2 Responses to “The Future of Leading men in Hollywood”

  1. Open Book November 13, 2010 at 7:42 PM #

    I think when u have characters written only appeal to women, u can’t help but alienate the other sex. I think if male lead characters are not written for both genders the men and women come off looking unrealistic.

    Not to say society should look at characters in films as examples but it helps to sell the narrative if a person can identify with the characters.

    Do I think RP will obtain Cary Grant status? Yes! I think if RP can develop a brand or standard for himself and work ethic, than certainly he can reach CG status.

  2. kim November 13, 2010 at 10:14 PM #

    See I think that Carey Grant did do that for women and their husbands back in the day. If I remember right I read when Gone With the Wind came out that there were a lot of women swooning over him. The women of the day thought Carey Grant was Clark Gable, much like some women today think of Rob as Edward Cullen.

    I also think Rob has great potential to be the next Carey Grant or James Dean (I just hope he has a longer life than James Dean did).

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